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Inspired by reading the blogs of other, I decided to write up my own blog. This is my first detailed write up for any journey. This was my 12th Amarnath Yatra. First time I went in the year in Yatra Bus organized by some religious organization and then regularly every year since Usually I travel with a group of friends and approximately half of them changes every year. It takes us days to complete the tour in Taxi. Hiring taxi for the whole tour is very comfortable, but more expansive. Two registrations were taken Online for the same date.

Advantage of the registration form taken from the Bank is that you get blank form which can be filled later by the finalized members but for online; you have to fill complete details of Yatri on the time of registration itself. Now it was the time to finalize the persons for Yatra and the problem started here. We were unable to reach an amicable end. So, I quit the group with one of my friend and permanent companion, Sushil Malhotra it was his 10th Yatra and 8th with me and decided to go via train.

My friend gets ready for this new experience. So finally the date of 24th June came. Day1: I get up early in the morning and asked my wife to prepare and pack lunch for two persons.

Bag was already packed at night. I left home at 7AM. My friend had already reached Railway station before me and has bought the Train tickets. Train was running on time and we were mentally prepared for heavy rush in General compartment.

The train arrived on time and we rushed to the General compartment. To our surprise there was no rush in the train and we got seats near window in just few minutes.

We were relieved that now there is no tension till Jammu. The train departed on time. There are only three stoppages for this train for KM journey. These are Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Chakki Bank. I have already searched the location of Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas on Google earth, so the location was in my mind. We found a mini bus which was going to Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas directly. I ask the fare from bus conductor and he replied that the fare is Rs. Bus was filled with Amarnath Yatris in few minutes.

In the Bus I came to know that he was charging Rs. Any way in just 15 minutes we reached at Bhagwati Nagar. All bags and luggage were checked three times manually and one time by X-ray machine before entering the Yatri Niwas. Our registrations were also checked. Tickets were being issued only after checking the registration cards and valid Yatra dates. We also bought two tickets for Baltal route. Person at ticket counter told us to take our seats in Bus before AM.

There was a huge rush of pilgrims in the Yatri Niwas. All basic facilities were available in the Yatri Niwas for pilgrims. Peoples were coming continuously at Yatri Niwas and rush was increasing. After buying tickets, we were roaming here and there, carrying our bags with us. Due to our bags we were not feeling comfortable. We found no locker facility at Yatri Niwas. We came out of the Yatri Niwas, to roam in the adjoining market. One person came to us and asked, if we want a room for Night.

We decided to book a room so to get rid of our bags and roam freely. Another reason to book a room was to sleep peacefully at night. Actually resident of nearby colony offer their rooms to yatris at reasonable price. We checked the room.

There was air cooler in the room so we booked the room for one night. We left our bags there and went to the market. Around 11 PM we got sleep. Day2: We wake up at 3 AM and left the room. Room was approximate meters away from Yatri Niwas. After brushing teeth, we took tea and Rusk from Bhandara. Then we searched the Bus no.

We were the last persons to enter the Bus. Many buses and private vehicles were standing there and were waiting for start of convoy. After long wait, Convoy started at PM. Convoy is headed by an army vehicle called pilot vehicle. Around 9. After taking breakfast our bus again started.

They are safest for hilly journey but take too much extra time. Normally the taxies cover the distance of KM between Jammu and Srinagar in hrs. Our bus took complete 12hrs to reach Srinagar. Later we came to know that some fire was broken out at some old Sufi Dargah due to which local persons were creating disturbances in the area.

All buses returned 15 Km and took the Gulmarg Bypass road. All this exercise wasted one hour. I was sure that we will not reach Baltal in the evening because we were too late to cross Manigam Camp. Manigam lies in Ganderbal district and 35 Km away from Srinagar. As feared our buses were stopped at Manigam camp. A lot of vehicles were already parked there. Our bus driver told us that the buses will leave for Baltal next morning at 6.

There were lots of tents available for night rest. We took our bags and book one tent per head. Then after taking dinner at Bandara we came to our tent for sleep.

Then we decided to take bath so that we may get ready for tracking after HRS. The water was very chilled but we braved to take bath.

Then we changed the clothes and wear the woolens. After taking tea and biscuits we rushed to our Bus. Announcements were already being made on PA system that convoy is ready to move, took your seats in vehicles. Convoy started at 7AM but there was heavy rush on the road and there were frequent traffic jams.

It took us 4hrs to cover the next 60 Kms.


Amarnath Yatra 2012

Inspired by reading the blogs of other, I decided to write up my own blog. This is my first detailed write up for any journey. This was my 12th Amarnath Yatra. First time I went in the year in Yatra Bus organized by some religious organization and then regularly every year since


Amarnath Yatra 2012 , Amarnath Yatra 2012 Dates, Amarnath Yatra 2012 Registration, Amarnath Yatra

Devotees from all over the world pay Obeisance at the Holy cave during the month of Shravan. The reason that is cited by Shrine Board for minimizing the yatra duration is given in the Detailed Report by Sub-Committee formed to decide to decide on Schedule of Yatra. Usually the Registration for Shri Amarnath ji Yatra begin on a specific date. Only those yatris who get themselves registered Online or Offline can proceed for the yatra. On successful registration, the yatris are issued a Yatra Permit Card, that is mandatory and must have document to perform Amaranth Yatra

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