This range is upgraded versions of the original Alexa cameras, which are equipped with a so-called XR module, which replaces the SxS module on the cameras, and allows direct raw recording without the need for an external recorder. This module records on dedicated SSDs. Further improvements are an internal ND filter unit, a sensor, an Open Gate sensor mode, and a quieter cooling fan. Existing cameras can be upgraded with the XR module for internal raw recording.

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This camera is also ideal for people who need a camera that gives up some truly exceptional image performance, efficient workflow and a highly versatile operation that is both safe and relatively simple to use. The OpenGate Sensor mode is particularly worth describing a bit more. Furthermore, you can switch between the Open Gate sensor mode and more restricted shooting ratios like and And as for the sensor mode, it too offers a whole range of flexible options. Furthermore, with the sensor mode, you can deliver a truly unique cinematic widescreen video footage that originates with the CinemaScope movies of the s.

ARRI itself is renowned for developing some of the best professional recording technology in the world and the entire ALEXA line clearly demonstrates this with precision and an obvious dedication to craft. For starters, the camera is actually quite lovely just to behold visually. While at the same time a very robust device that looks like it means business, the XT also manages to convey elegance while being easy to handle. With the XT, you really get what you paid for and the imagery it produces is simply beautiful.

Shooting through the viewfinder while using the Super 35 mm sensor and particularly doing it at the Open Gate setting produces some truly spectacular, classical film-quality results that are worth at least experimenting with. There are some problems with keeping this powerful, versatile camera running on pure battery power so this might be problematic in field situations. This is definitely no amateur piece of hardware and even seasoned professionals will likely have to learn the ropes of using it a bit.

Assembly adds to this process and at least at first, these factors will possibly cause a bit of hassle. While the camera is better for studio use due to its bulkiness, low battery endurance and frequent need for a number of accessories, it can also be applied to the field under controlled circumstances. The multiple recording and output options of the ALEXA XT covered in more detail above make it a very flexible device for video production of digital footage in different formats which all capture stunning realism that closely follows how human eyes actually view the world.

Furthermore, the XT comes with a wide array of settings and aspect ratio modes for different types of video work. As you can see, the XT also offers some excellent, rapid frame rates for maximum smoothness. The overall effect of this is a simpler and more manageable camera package that also costs less than other models in the ALEXA line. It can manage 2K, 2.


Arri Alexa



A Review of the ARRI Alexa XT professional production camera


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