Grading comment Because it was much more commonly used. Pertussis-like syndrome, a clinical picture similar to whooping cough, is one of the most coqueluchoise lower respiratory syndromes in the pediatric practice in recent years. Pertussis-like syndrome Entered by: The objective of this review was to provide general physicians and pediatricians at the primary and the secondary health care levels with information about this present re-emerging epidemiological problem. Peer comments on this reference comment and responses from the reference poster. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. It is required to know and to accept the re-emergence of whooping cough at present, in order to make a timely diagnosis and to apply a line of treatment.

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El bajo porcentaje de positividad para B. Since the Microbiology Group in the Instituto Nacional de Salud, has been in charge of the whooping cough surveillance, and has found that a large number of samples from suspected cases yield negative results for B. Meanwhile, the Virology Group have observed that SRV is often recovered from cases with a clinical diagnosis of whooping cough-like illness.

In order to make clear the proportion of cases of whooping cough-like illness due to B. No microorganism was detected in The positive predictive value for the clinical diagnosis of whooping cough caused by B. This low positivity should lead to an evaluation of the clinical definition of whooping cough, and to have in account the disease evolution and previous antimicrobial treatment for the correct sample collection. La muestra para estudio de B. Tabla No 1. Tabla No 2. Tabla No 3. Bordetella pertussis infection: pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, and the role of protective inmmunity.

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J Clin Microb ;


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