We found it to be great for both powerpoint presentations, and with movies. The resolution is SVGA but as long as your not using a huge screen size it still gives quite a nice picture. We also consider this one to be a good multipurpose unit as the colour and contrast are fairly decent. Though you do get a better result with a home theatre unit the MP can handle a lot more light than a home theatre unit can so if your restricted by the room lighting this is a good choice.

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Warranty Terms BenQ warrants that the Product is free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship when despatched from a BenQ warehouse in Australia or New Zealand for the relevant Warranty Period. Subject to the terms of this warranty BenQ will repair or replace at no additional charge, defective parts with new parts or serviceable parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance.

This warranty only applies to Product purchased in Australia or New Zealand and is in addition to and does not exclude or modify in any way any non-excludable statutory warranties in Australia and New Zealand. Please complete Section 10 below to maintain a record of your purchase. It is your responsibility to maintain useable archival back-ups of all data and to reload all software following any maintenance or repair work.

This warranty is given in addition to the other rights and remedies that are conferred to you by the law. Warranty Exclusions This warranty or a claim made under it may be refused if the defect claimed has arisen for reasons other than faulty or defective parts or workmanship. The Product is used at any time for a commercial, business or industrial application.

Software related faults resulting from incorrect installation of software except where the software is installed by an ASP. Viruses or bugs are not considered Product faults. Parts, products and software not manufactured or supplied by BenQ, whether installed in or attached to the Product, are not covered by this warranty. LCD screens may contain defective pixels which, while visible, may not constitute a defect for the purposes of this warranty. The specifications are available at below.

BenQ Australia does not provide any warranty or guarantee on parallel or grey imports. BenQ Australia is under no obligation to service or repair parallel or grey imports and will charge standard commercial rates on such products it chooses to service or repair that it is requested to service.

Consumers who intend to purchase BenQ branded products overseas or online are advised to check with the reseller to establish the warranty applicable to the product. BenQ Australia will not be bound by any incorrect information provided by the reseller. Consumers are also warned that goods purchased outside of Australia may not meet Australian safety or other standards.

BenQ Australia will service BenQ branded products carrying an international warranty in accordance with the terms of that warranty. How to Arrange Warranty Service Before initiating a warranty service, please prepare the following information: Product name or model number; Full serial number; Your contact address, email, telephone and fax numbers; Detailed description of the fault; and Purchase invoice or receipt. This may involve taking the product to a local drop off point as advised by BenQ.

Return to Base If your Product is to be returned to BenQ or your nearest ASP for repair, you must include your receipt as a proof of purchase date, and the information set out in Section 4. To locate your nearest ASP log onto www. If you do not have access to the internet and are calling from Australia you can call between 9am and pm Australia EST or daylight saving time as applicable weekdays excluding public holidays, from New Zealand call 14 between am and pm weekdays, excluding public holidays.

The Product should be packed to avoid damage in transit. If possible, packing it with the original packing material or materials will minimise the risk of the Product being damaged in transit.

BenQ shall have no liability whatsoever for any damage caused during or as a result of transit. BenQ will notify you of when the Product is ready for pick up.

Please note that freight and insurance to and from your nearest ASP must be arranged and paid for by you.


BenQ MW612 Wireless Meeting Room WXGA Business Projector



BenQ MP612c Projector







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