I liked the quickness and great rimshot sounds you get from sticks, but the sound was always so thin and the longer length made them much harder to maneuver around the drums with. Details include a drop-down in diameter in front of the fulcrum to give the front two fingers maximum leverage for finesse, and a bead designed to have the biggest footprint possible on the drumhead at both the crossed over and under angles. Few know this, but HeavyHitterPads. After 2 years and way to much demand to possibly fulfill all of the orders, Vic Firth became the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for the pads. Heavy Hitter Pads turned the whole pad industry on its head and while many have tried to copy, nothing compares to the original, the Heavy Hitter! Flight Time 7 — Quad Solo An advanced quad solo inspired by the brilliance of Genesis and a not so brilliant intercontinental Flight to Australia.

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Bachman studied percussion performance at the University of North Texas and is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He is also an in demand judge, judging countless marching band and indoor drumline contests in the US and internationally.

As a private lesson instructor, Bill teaches at Lonestar Percussion in Dallas, as well as many students worldwide through live internet feeds via Skype. He also has his own instructional website — Drumworkout. As an author, Bachman has a number of drum instructional books including Rudimental Logic , Quad Logic , and Bass Logic which have become part of the curriculum in countless high schools and colleges. Here are a few of the innovations that Bill brought to the table: thinner thicknesses of gum rubber to better approximate Mylar and Kevlar heads, Quadpads set up to scale with the real drums featuring normal and scrape playing areas, Mylar laminates for maximum articulation and realistic feel, a bass pad for bass drummers and the Exactopad for precision training.

Bill also designed his unique Vic Firth signature "Billy Club" drumstick for tenor drummers. This tenor stick is the first of its kind using the very dense Sta-Pac wood, the stick combines the projection and maneuverability of a mallet with the quickness and rimshot ability of a snare stick. Most recently Bill introduced the Remote Speedy Hat. The remote speedy hat is designed to replace your standard hi hat stand so that you no longer need to cross over to play the hi hats which frees up your left hand.

Bill Bachman has been a Drummer Cafe community forum member since and has contributed several articles to the Drummer Cafe educational archives.


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