Irritable, does not express his feelings. Desires company. Ars alb alone. He complained of passing mucus with stools times daily. He developed lot of weakness and gets tired easily.

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Irritable, does not express his feelings. Desires company. Ars alb alone. He complained of passing mucus with stools times daily. He developed lot of weakness and gets tired easily. He has been under stress during studies. Due to the problem he avoids fruits and ghee. He desires salt and is often thirsty taking one glass of water at one time.

Verat album, Nit acid ,and Causticum came up in repertorisation. She was constantly taking pain killers to get some relief. She gave a long history of suffering from this pain which always used to be only on one side of the head and used to be almost a daily occurrence. She was introspective by nature and had a weeping tendency and the weeping always came with anger. Her pain was made worse by noise. This brought almost complete relief in the occurrence of the pain and also brought overall general improvement as soon as the medicine was taken.

She complained of itching in the meatus. The discharge was offensive. There was no other symptom to guide the selection of the remedy. No marked desires or aversions for food. Nothing remarkable in the temperament. Rubrics taken: Petroleum and Psorinum were the two remedies which were suggested, As offensive and putrid discharge was covered by Psorinum , it was preferred and given in LM 1, 4 times daily.

The case showed improvement right from the first follow-up and did not need any other remedy and was cured. He had undergone surgery for this in and was ok for 10 years. But it has developed again and not responding to any treatment. The patient is a mild diabetic. Desires tasty food and sweets. Sulphur covered all the rubrics and therefore was given in LM 1 potency 4 times daily on 5. A case of chronic sinusitis A 50 yrs old man consulted me for chronic sinusitis with deviated nasal septum.

He complained of the following: Fatigue.


Boenninghausen's repertory

His mother was Theresia von Weichs zur Wenne. He graduated as architect and devoted himself to the study of medicine, agriculture and botany. He published numerous articles about his experiences and discoveries, which resulted in international fame. In , at the reorganization of the provinces Rhineland and Westphalia, he was appointed as president of the Court of Justice and General Commissaries of the land register of North Rhine-Westphalia. The many travelling with this position gave him an excellent opportunity to study the flora and he published a book about it, named: Prodromus florae Monasteriensis Westphalorum, Phanerogamia.


The Bönninghausen Method

This method, which adheres closely to that outlined by Hahnemann in the Organon, was used by many over a century ago, but has, through the deaths of the old practitioners and the poor translations of the work, fallen into obscurity. Over the 10 days I spent last March with Dr. His Lesser Writings were printed in English in , but there were several things he wrote that did not appear in this compiled work. It is a book that, over the years, through poor translations and lack of understanding, has ceased to be considered useful. But buried within the book is the germ of a wonderful methodology. In April , K.


Boenninghausen's characteristics and repertory

Now, the first repertory to be printed in this new millennium is In my library, I have one translated by Okie in , one translated by Hempel in , one translated and edited by T. Allen in , a reprint of the same in containing a long article about how to use the book by H. Roberts, and an Indian edition of the same from about Yet, despite its accessibility as a book, the use of the book had remained fairly inaccessible unless one was fortunate enough to study with an old prescriber who knew how to use it. The book is the work of a group of six homeopaths and has taken more than five years to bring to fruition.


The Bonninghausen Repertory: Therapeutic Pocket Book Method


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