It will help you achieve consistent drink quality and prolong the life of your brewer! Whether your TASSIMO brewer is new or has not been used for several weeks, it is necessary to start up the system by using the Service T DISC, stored in the compartment at the rear or side of the brewer, and rinse the water tank with fresh, clean water. It is recommended to insert the reusable Service T DISC supplied with the machine and stored in the side or rear of the unit in the brewer every seven days. The barcode reader should be cleaned with a damp soft cloth regularly.

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Learn all about this single serve coffee maker here. While our favorite single serve coffee maker is the Tassimo T55, The Tassimo T20 is an excellent less costly option than the T This Tassimo T20 review came about when my wife and I decided to buy a single serve coffee maker.

We knew very little about them and so I went out and bought several units so we could see which one would best serve our household. The key question was whether we should get a K-cup, T-disc or some other coffee pod option. After all, the big long term expense is in the coffee. Ultimately we decided to go with the Bosch Tassimo T55 because we loved the red machine and more importantly love the coffee produced by the T-Discs. T-Disc comparison chart here. Tassimo T55 vs.

T20 Once we narrowed our decision to wanting a machine using T-Discs, we had to choose between the T55 and T Since the T55 is a more robust machine in size, water reservoir we went with the T The larger water reservoir was the deciding factor.

We also liked the red color. I like having to push as few buttons as possible to get a cup of coffee. Tassimo machines offer this. You put the T-Disc in the top see our Tassimo T20 photo gallery below and push 1 button to brew the coffee. The brewing starts almost immediately after pushing the button.

Since T-Discs are widely available in most grocery stores like K-Cups , we opted for a T-Disc based single serve coffee maker. Price: The T20 is less expensive than the T If price is important and you want the T-Disc system, go with the T What this means is that the coffee maker adjusts brewing based on the barcode information of the T-Disc. Other coffee makers, notably K-Cups adjust the brewing from the machine side.

Tassimo does the opposite by having the T-Discs dictate the brew. Removable Transparent Water Reservoir The water reservoir can be easily removed. Is T-Disc Coffee Good? T-Discs work great, but like K-Cups to a large extent, coffee and tea quality is dictated by the brand.

That said, T-Discs come with Gevalia coffee, which is also excellent. The key for us was that T-Discs are widely available in most grocery stores. Do T-Discs produce beverages other than coffee? Yes, you can buy T-Discs for decaf, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino and even espresso. We buy all of them, but drink mostly coffee. Okay, I also love the hot chocolate. We make it all winter long. The first question you must figure out is whether you want a K-Cup brewer or T-Disc brewer.

This dictates the coffee brands available to you. If you like the idea of barcode technology and there are T-Disc coffee brands or any beverage for that matter that work for you, I can whole heartedly recommend the Tassimo T BUT, go with the T20 if you want a compact brewing system. If you have more space, I recommend the T


Manual de Instrucciones de Cafeteras Tassimo

More Details Tassimo red light flashing The water tap light flashes red when either the water tank needs refilling, the water level is too low to make a drink, or when the tank is not fixed correctly in place. Check that the water tank is fitted correctly in place. Make sure the tank has sufficient water never use carbonated water as the coffee maker runs at high pressure and will most definitely break. Tassimo not working orange light Again, this is fairly common and nice and easy to fix. Follow the instructions below and you should be up and running in no time. Clean the barcode reader with a damp soft cloth Some people have found that this issue happens when you insert the Tassimo pod prior to turning your pod coffee machine on. Simply turn on your machine prior to inserting the Tassimo pod Tassimo reset This one can be annoying but easy to fix if you know how!


Bosch TAS 20XX Tassimo Instruction Manual



Tassimo Amia T20 descaling


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