The watt Panaray MB4 modular bass loudspeaker is for installed and portable use. Rugged portable enclosures, integrated hang points, molded handles and interlocking feet make this ideal for most jobs in which bass reinforcement is required. This loudspeaker provides punchy, deep bass in an affordable, modular package. You can build up the right amount of bass for each project by either stacking the bass units or building bass arrays.

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It features a complete set of Bose active equalization presets. No programming is required. The controller features a complete set of Bose active equalization presets. Individual input sensitivity and output range. As well as master output level, are adjustable via the user interface buttons and LCD display on the front panel. Push-button control and an easy-to-read 2 x 16 backlit LCD allow for simple selection The Controller can be configured for mono or stereo operation.

The controller offers configurations designed for bass array applications. It also offers global limiting to protect against unpredictable spikes in program material. A special"lockout" feature prevents tampering to maintain initial system settings. And global limiting helps protect against sudden sound level spikes in program material. In the event of a power failure, on board memory allows the controller to return to its last state.

Key Features. PayPal is the preferred payment option. Payment must be made within 3 days of auction closing. All shipments will only be delivered if there is an adult home to sign for the package. Someone must be home to sign for the delivery.

Painted Light Gray. In good condition. Pulled from a working environment. Tested and in working order. Description The Bose Panaray A speaker offers an Articulated Array design that provides a degree by degree pattern for smooth band-to-band coverage.

This Bose speaker requires an active equalization in order to get the best performance from the loudspeaker system. Features on the Bose Panaray A speaker include a powder-coated steel grille. A mica-reinforced structural foam-textured enclosure, and power handling of watts with a watt peak.

In addition, this Bose speaker features a sensitivity of 90 dB, nominal impedance of 8 Ohms, and a frequency range of Hz to 20 kHz. This midrange loudspeaker is able to deliver the best sound Dimensions on this midrange loudspeaker are They work excellent. They are both missing the Bose emblems. Payment is due within 7 days of auction end. Will ship within business days upon receiving payment. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Returns are accepted but buyer is responsible for those shipping costs also.

Any questions please ask. Thank you. Features on the Bose Panaray A speaker include This midrange loudspeaker is able to deliver the best sound in the middle to upper frequency ranges instead of the lower bass frequencies.

This one of the most powerful bass units Bose has ever produced! This unit is so hard to come by, that one who has considered acquiring one, should take advantage of its availability when it appears. This particular unit has surface blemishes throughout the cabinet scuffs. My Zip Code is You will need the dimensions to negotiate the costs; they are as follows: 31H x 14W x Please ask and I will provide. I am located in Maryland between Washington. Please feel free to contact me with any questions… Thanks!

Happy bidding. We enhanced our flagship professional loudspeaker to deliver high-output performances for medium-size clubs, large indoor venues and outdoor spaces. New drivers and active equalization help reproduce vocals and musical instruments with improved smoothness and warmth—at low or high volumes, from live or recorded music. High-performance sound Deliver clear.

The Series III loudspeaker uses eight proprietary full-range drivers to provide a more consistent sound field than conventional speakers that rely on woofers, tweeters and crossovers. Our proprietary speaker configuration uses a baffle array for each driver to.


Bose Panaray 502A Manual



Bose Panaray 502A Installation Manual



Enceinte Bose Panaray® 502® A


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