Paper applications remain ideal methods for gaining hiring consideration. Easy to fill out application forms make applying quick. Aspirants read through forms and gather essential details like phone numbers of previous employers and addresses of educational facilities. After completing the forms, individuals take submissions to local branches and request the attention of hiring managers.

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The restaurants are named after the founder of the company, Bill Braum, who started the company back in All of the locations are within a mile radius of Tuttle, Oklahoma where the family farm is located. The food sold in the restaurants is grown, produced and manufactured by the company itself, from farm to table. They have a dairy farm, processing plant and bakery in Oklahoma.

The company also runs a number of grocery store brands of milk and ice cream products as well as cookies, breads and rolls. The restaurants have menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, obviously with a sizeable dessert menu including a lot of ice cream. The ordinary menu has burgers, salads and chicken while the breakfast menu offers bagels, burritos and hotcakes. You will also be able to find job opportunities as Assistant Managers and General Managers for which you will need to have previous employment experience in a similar position.

You will usually need to have a college degree for many of these roles. Eligible employees will be able to access a benefits package including a healthcare insurance plan with medical, dental and vision insurance as well as k retirement plans.

The stores open at 6am daily and close at 11pm Sunday to Thursday and Your responsibilities will include taking customer orders, putting together their food items and processing transactions.

Assistant Manager — In this role you will be expected to be able to run the store in the absence of the Manager. You will help to supervise staff and be responsible for some procedures including opening and closing processes and closing down the tills.

General Manager — The job description of a General Manager requires you to have responsibility for the performance of the whole store. You will be responsible for hiring new members of staff and making sure they learn their new responsibilities. You will also have administrative duties and be responsible for scheduling. District Manager — District Managers will have an area under their purview and will need to ensure that all of the stores are performing to the expected standards.

You may be involved in hiring and supervising members of staff as well as carrying out financial duties and ensuring sales targets are met. Why do you want to work here? You should always have an answer prepared for this sort of question as it is likely to be the first thing you are asked. It helps to do some research on the company before you go. What do you know about the company history?

Doing research shows your enthusiasm and dedication to the role. What is your availability? It helps to have your availability worked out before you go and it will help your applications if you are able to be flexible in your scheduling as they may have specific shifts to fill.

Do you have experience in the food service industry? Tell me about a time when you worked in a team. You can use an example from a school or college team that went successfully. The online application process is very straightforward, you will need to fill in your personal details and details of your previous employment and upload your resume. The interview will consist of standard questions focusing on your experience and your personality.

Management interviews will be more in-depth and you will need to prove your successful track record. Remember to smile and be positive throughout and show that you are serious about the job. Answer their questions in complete sentences and give examples where you can.

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Braum’s Ice Cream And Dairy Store Application & Careers

Teach, coach, and develop new team members Serve as a positive role model at all times Resolve customer complaints as efficiently as possible Help maintain store area as needed throughout the day Manage scheduling needs as they arise Shift Supervisor Job Requirements The minimum age for a shift supervisor is 21 years old, with a high school diploma or GED. Benefits like k, health insurance, and vacation pay are available. Shift Supervisor Work Schedule Shift supervisors are full-time only, and are expected to work 45 hours a week. Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Duties Train and develop new associates Ensure product safety is maintained by following company procedure Order product as needed and assist with truck deliveries Motivate associates to excel in their positions Maintain a positive outlook and deliver excellent customer service Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Requirements The minimum age for the assistant restaurant manager position is 21 years old, and a high school diploma or equivalent is required.


Braum’s Application

Certain job adverts include email addresses or telephone numbers that can also be used. Applications can be completed online, or via email where specified. This includes the delivery drivers responsible for transporting produce, of course. Bread Machine Operator Monitoring the bread machines at the Braum Family Farm, a Bread Machine Operator oversees monitoring the on-site bread machines and ensuring high quality. A great Shift Supervisor will recognize the importance in valuing people, providing leadership, teaching and coaching when required, and monitoring inventory, standards and equipment in their store. Essentials include a valid drivers license, strong work ethic, customer focus, and outstanding organisational and motivational skills. You must also be at least 21 and hold a High School diploma or equivalent.


Braum’s Ice Cream And Dairy Store Application

Daizahn Job title, keywords, or company. Crew member positions typically feature part-time hours, though full-time positions may become available with tenure. Upload your resume — Let employers find you. What questions did they ask during your interview? Applicants looking to gain employment generally fill out paper forms in store or digital documents online and submit the materials to management for review.


Braums jobs

Aside from that, they also offer burgers, fresh milk, meats, and many more. It all started with the older Braum purchasing a butter plant. This has now expanded to almost stores. The multi-awarded company continues to top lists including The Dairy and Consumer Picks. This shows how committed the company is when it comes to providing the best foods to their customers.

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