Page 3: Peer-to-Peer Brother Numbers For technical and operational assistance, you must call the country where you purchased the machine. Calls must be Page 5: mDNS Network print software installation problems Network printing 1 The Page 8: IP Address Introduction Types of network connection 1 1 Network connection example 1 Generally there are two types of network connections

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To have label templates created with P-touch Editor automatically registered in the P-touch Library, use the following method. See the P-touch Editor Help for details. If an Alias has been created, double-click the Alias.

Page 30 Layout window window The layout is used to display and edit objects. Database window Displays a database. To start the Snap mode, follow the steps below. When you click [Snap Mode], the Snap mode description dialog box appears. Page Appendix The pin assignments for the serial cables RSC cables which can be used with this machine are shown in the table below. You can purchase the cables at an electronics store. Do not use an interface cable that is longer than 6 feet 2. Page Printing Directly From Other Applications Because the paper size for this machine is different from other regular printers, you may not be able to print even after installing the driver and application software, unless the application software allows the correct label size to be set.

Page 34 You can set "Halftone", "Brightness", and "Contrast" in this tab. The cutting options will vary according to the model. When you click [Page Layout] the ribbon appears. Then click the mark to the right of Page Setup.

The [Page Setup] dialog box appears. Click the [Paper] tab, and choose the paper size that you want to print. Page Uninstalling Software Uninstalling Software This section describes how to uninstall the software and printer driver. Read "XXX" as your printer name.

The printer names in the following screens may differ from your purchased printer name. Close the [Printers] window. The printer driver has been uninstalled.

Page 38 Click to close the terminal window. Delete [Applications]-[P-touch Editor 5. Before you delete the [P-touch Editor 5. P-touch Editor has been uninstalled. Green lamp is lit Power is ON. Green lamp is flashing Receiving the date from PC. Orange lamp is lit The roll cover is opened. Page Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance of the machine may be carried out as required.

However, some environments require that maintenance must be done more frequently e. Print head maintenance The DK Roll thermal printing paper type used with the machine is Print head designed to clean the print head automatically. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If the problems occur while using this machine, the following may help you to solve the problems. Check that the cable is connected securely.

If not, remove the DK Roll and reinstall. All the transferred data from PC will be deleted and reset the transferred from PC. This manual is also suitable for:.


Brother QL-1060N User Manual

Page Microsoft Excel Label List" described on the page Creating Labels with Other Applications The P-touch Address Book is valid for Windows only. The following is the example for Windows XP, except for step 1. Page 19 Displays layout styles stored in the folder. Layout work area This area is used to display or edit a layout that uses the layout style in the layout style selection view. Contact list combo box Displays the contact list that is currently specified.


Brother QL-1060N Label Printer


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