Mining Equipment Bridge Type Bucket-Wheel Reclaimers The bridge type bucket-wheel reclaimer blends and homogenizes material that has been piled up to the chevron system stackers of a blending yard. The bucket-wheel trolley on the main girder travels on eight vertical rollers. Four horizontal rollers at the level of the lower bridge chord ensure lateral guidance of the trolley. The trolley travel speed is adjustable so that, in connection with the variable cutting depth, optimum operating conditions can be chosen for reclaiming a variety of materials.

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Stacker reclaimers are designed as either rail-mounted or mobile on crawler tracks and are trenching or slewing type machines. The trenching type is for low-volume, high active storage piles where the slewing type machine is designed for use in facilities with limited yard length and require material to be readily available.

We match our machines and upgrades so that we meet or exceed your goals. Replace the existing Travel Drives with Vector Drives and motors to aid in machine acceleration and deceleration and reduce travel drive maintenance. Gearbox replacement is recommended as well. AC Drives and motors can also be used on the Slew Drive. Replace the existing Operator Cab. If not already, the new cab can be relocated to the end of the boom to give the operator a better view of the coal pile.

A new Operator Chair can be designed to make it more comfortable and ergonomically easier on the operator. Space in the cab can be saved by some cab controls in the armrests of the chair. Total Automation —By automating and radio modems, cameras and controls, operation of the machine can be done remotely or locally. This will free up valuable plant personnel.

Replace the hydraulic drive system on the Boom Conveyor Drive with a motor, gearbox and AC Drive to eliminate leaks and improve reliability. Replace the existing Festoon to make it more reliable. Upgrade to a Monospiral Wound Cable Reel to assure reliability and to reduce space.

Hinge Pin Replacement. Upgrade Bucket Wheel Drive System. Bucket Wheel Shaft Bearing Replacement. Bucket Wheel Replacement. Installation of new Travel Trucks and Equalizers.


Bucketwheel stacker reclaimers

They can stock material in stockpiles and reclaim them with a bucket-wheel at the boom tip. This arrangement results in a reduced number of articulation points. An integral part of the machine is the tripper car and integrated conveying system which transports material to the bucket-wheel boom and then to the stockpile. The tripper car and conveying system is often equipped with a "bypass function" that enables material to bypass the boom and continue along the conveyor system. The pantograph arrangement ensures that with large boom loads, small changes in the point of balance are stabilized, which has a significantly positive impact on machine steadiness. A drawback with this design however is the increased number of articulation points. Semi-Automated and Automated Machines The majority of our combined bucket-wheel boom machines are semi-automated; however, there is a growing trend towards full automation and we are able to supply fully automated machines too.


Stacker Reclaimer

Reclaimer types[ edit ] Bucket wheel reclaimers use " bucket wheels " for removing material from the pile they are reclaiming. Scraper reclaimers use a series of scrapers on a chain to reclaim the material. The reclaimer structure can be of a number of types, including portal and bridge. Reclaimers are named according to this type, such as "Bridge reclaimer".

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