The last model in the series was the S5 IS, launched in , which featured a 12x zoom optically stabilised lens, 8. However even by these standards the SX10 IS is a bit pricey. Externally the SX10 IS looks very similar to its predecessor. It is a large camera even by super-zoom standards, only a little smaller than a compact DSLR. The lens is impressive though.

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Page 2 Confirming the Package Contents The following items are included in the package. If something is missing please contact the retail This guide is divided into the following two sections. Getting Started Page 4 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents Items marked with a are lists or charts that summarize camera functions or Page 5 Table of Contents 3 Using the Flash. Page Installing 8 Please Read Camera Body Temperature If your camera is used for prolonged periods, the camera body may become warm Slide the cover lock a and hold Take care that you Close the cover c and slide until it clicks d.

Getting Started Ensure that the memory Page 16 14 Preparations 3. Page Rec. Page Erasing 18 Shooting Still Images 5. Press the shutter button fully all the way to shoot. Press the Playback button. Page Microphone 22 Printing 4. Use the or button to select an image to print and Getting Started press the button Page System Requirements Shooting Movies 25 3.

Press the movie button to shoot. Press the Y Playback button. When the Page 32 30 Downloading Images to a Computer 4. Open CameraWindow. Page 35 Downloading Images to a Computer 33 2. Use the or button to select images to download Getting Started and Some accessories are not sold Page 45 43 Using the Control Dial Components Guide Turning the control dial counterclockwise is equivalent to pressing the button, while Shutter Button Power Page Battery Charge Indicator 48 Rec.

Page FUNC. Menu 52 z Information for images shot with other cameras may not display correctly. Page Play Menu 54 Rec. Reset All p. Page 66 64 Night Display When shooting at dusk or during the evening when the dark surroundings make it difficult to view Viewfinder 1. Use the , , or button to LCD monitor select , , or Page 71 69 About the Safety Zoom Depending on the number of recording pixels set, you can shift from optical zoom Press the MENU button.

In the menu, use Page Super Macro 71 Shooting with the Digital Tele-Converter The digital tele-converter feature uses digital zoom to achieve the effects of a Page 76 74 Focusing distance and image area when shooting as close to the subject as possible When shooting as close to Page 78 76 2 Make settings.

Use the or button to select [Self-Timer]. Use the or button to set. Page 79 77 2 Make settings. Use the or to select [Self- Timer], and the or button to select Page Compression 78 2 Set the number of shots. In the menu, use the or button Page 81 79 5 Have the other subject enter the composition and face the camera. Large 10M Use the or button to select the image stabilizer settings.

Press the MENU Page 88 86 3 Press the shutter button halfway. Page Frame Rate 89 z You are recommended to use a memory card that has been formatted in this camera to shoot Page 92 90 z You can perform the following operations when shooting a movie you can also set them before shooting when Page Sunset 94 3 Set the wind filter. Use the or button to select [Wind Filter]. Use the or button Page 98 96 Night Snapshot Allows you to take snapshots of people against twilight or night backgrounds by reducing the effects of Page Program AE 97 Snow Shoots without a blue tinge and without making people appear dark against a snowy background.

Beach Shooting Page Tv 98 Color Swap Use this option to transform a color specified in the screen into another p. Page z The shutter speed, zoom and aperture value have the following relationship. Therefore, even if an aperture value is Page 3 Shoot. Page 3 Shoot the first frame of the sequence. Page Red-Eye Lamp 2 Shoot. Page 3 Press the shutter button halfway. Page Face Detect 3 Shoot. The camera is Page The AF frame appears as follows when the shutter button is pressed halfway.

Page Focus Lock 2 Press the shutter button halfway. Page 3 Re-aim the camera to compose the shot as desired and shoot. Use them as In the menu, Page Changing the Shutter Speed and Aperture Value Combination The automatically selected combinations of shutter speeds and aperture values can Page C Saving Original Images Not only can you save images with altered colors when shooting still images with the Color Page My Menu 3 Register.

Use the or button to select [OK]. Press the button. Page 2 Make settings. Use the , , or button to select the function you wish to register. Page Index Playback 3 Change the order in which menu items are displayed. Use the or button to select [Sort].

Turning it counterclockwise selects the previous Page My Category Jumping to Images When you have many images recorded onto a memory card, it is handy to use Page 3 Display the Images. Use the or button to select date, category or folder for Category information recorded with the Page Trimming [Select] 3 Categorize the images.

Use the or button to select images to categorize. Use the or Page 4 Select the last image. Use the button to select [Last image]. Page Trimming a Portion of an Image You can trim a required portion of a recorded image and save it Page 3 Adjust the trimming frame. Page z , or images, and images recorded in cannot be trimmed. Page Editing Viewing Movies 1 Display a movie.


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With this manual, the company will teach its customers how to use and treat its camera product properly. Not only for the users, but this manual is also able to be used as reliable reference for enthusiast. So, based on this reasons above, we can say that a manual is the important complement for a digital camera product. With this manual, we hope that we can provide you the trustworthy reference about this camera product. Therefore, it seems not really wrong if we judge a camera product by its look. It is not as big as regular SLR, so it is much easier for you to bring it wherever you are. Moreover, the body will feel good in your hand, thanks for magnesium alloy as the main material.


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