The series began in with a prototype tractor called the D9X. Ten D9X prototype models were built in The D9 came equipped with a 1, cid D which powered the D9 right up until the introduction of the D9L. Over its year life the D9G became the main crawler on many job sites, testifying to its sturdiness and design. In , West Coast businessman Buster Peterson hooked up a pair of D9Gs to pushload the largest wheel tractor scrapers built. The D9H is still the most powerful conventional track-type tractor in company history.

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Faesida Final price, including GST, and freight if applicablewill be displayed on the order confirmation page prior to placing the order, where GST will be shown a cwt invoice approach. Reach — Full Lift and 45 degrees Dump. L Hook Height at Max Lift — standard. Bucket Pin Height — Maximum Lift. He said no, but now that we had planted the idea, he might try it. Dump Clearance at Max Lift. Lower, Empty, Float Down. Final price, including freight if 93gwill be displayed on the order confirmation page prior to placing the order, where GST will be shown on a total invoice approach.

Rear Diff Fluid Capacity. Height to Top of Cab. According to Caterpillar, the new system is stronger and smoother than that of the IT28G, and its design saves fuel. Hydraulic System — Including Tank. Steering Cylinder, Two, Bore.

Number of Reverse Gears. Please enter a valid serial number beginning with three alphanumeric characters followed by numeric characters e. Actually, when working with Caterpillar on the G test, we were told that deflection at the bucket corners is, in fact, less ca the VersaLink system for a given load, than with conventional loader linkage. Find Parts Find Parts Products. The new G, right, has a much heftier look than the model it replaces, the IT28G, left.

Hinge Pin Max Height. Minyard had worked the G a bit before we arrived on the day of the evaluation, so we asked the obvious first question: Enter your search keywords clear. View local price, availiablity and more.

In the half-day or so that Minyard worked the G, bucket stability was never an issue. Steering Angle — Each Direction. Static Tipping Load — Full Turn. I can remember going home some nights with the muscles in my arm burning from cranking a steering wheel around all day. Change account or store location Change store location. C Height to Top of Cab. Bucket Capacity — struck.

The serial number plate is typically found on the back of the engine block. Reach at Max Height and Dump. Caterpillar G ISO 2. Minimum Turning Radius — Over Tires. ISO 1.


Caterpillar 924Gz, 930G, 906



Used Caterpillar 930G Wheel Loaders for Sale


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