For evidence of this, one need look no further than the sorry case of CP [1], which was introduced as a new Code in and withdrawn in , while the predecessor it was meant to replace, CP [2], is still in use today. It is widely accepted that CP did not live up to expectations, earning a reputation of being cumbersome to use and requiring over- complex calculations for simple problems. Has it succeeded? Despite its substantial improvements in presentation, the omens are not promising. Only time will tell whether BS will gain the general acceptance that eluded its predecessor. However, the debate over presentation and approach has tended to divert attention from technical content.

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Dams, top floors of buildings, water tanks, chimneys etc. A simply supported concrete beam X mm has to be reinforced with 25 mm diameter Fe steel for longitudinal reinforcement.

The structure is to be constantly under fresh water. Strains are proportional to the distance from neutral axis. An additional safety factor of 1. A safety factor of 1. See table 4. In addition, for economy the ratio of overall depth to width should be between 1. Assume grade 30 concrete and Fe steel. Assume grade 20 concrete and Fe steel. Use table 6. First assume a neutral axis depth, a value higher than that for a x balanced failure. Note that there is no yielding in steel. Also 0.

The actual neutral axis depth is higher. The assumed neutral axis depth is ok 42 Example 2 contd. The tension steel comprises of 4 nos 25 mm rods. Width of the beam at the level of reinforcement is mm. The effective depth is equal to mm.

Use grade 25 concrete and Fe steel. It should be greater than the factored moment. For this case provide 4 bars 20 mm. Hence ok. Draw figures in MS Word figs each showing different stages of failure. Also enumerate the reasons for the behavior observed during different stages of failure. This assignment is to be completed individually and is due on 5th Aug,


Reinforced concrete design to CP110 : simply explained



BS CP 110-3


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