I hope this helps I wrote my exam in October and I passed. I just want to share my strategies with you all as I have already written this to help a friend out. I know how difficult this is and I want to help.

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It is so important that you are studying from the right materials. A common mistake often made is to use the wrong study materials. So use caution if you plan to use them as part of your studying.

The 84 competency statements at the back of the Prep Guide are derived from the broader entry-to-practice competencies. It is the framework for the exam. Familiarizes you with the exam. Is intended to supplement and compliment your studying. Emphasizes the topics, content, principles and concepts tested on the actual exam. Gives you an indication of your readiness and probability of passing the exam.

It is a mini version of the exam. It also helps you to identify your gaps, weaknesses and focus your studying. The exam is basically testing your knowledge and understanding of the standards as they apply to practice and how well you understand the scope of practice of the practical nurse. Do check with your regulatory authority for the Standards of Practice.

Learning modules are designed to help you better understand the practice standards and guidelines as it relates to the practice of nursing.

They are interactive learning modules with audio-visuals. Also at the end of each module is a mini quiz to further test and reinforce your knowledge of the practice standards and guidelines. Are the same ethical values you demonstrate in practice and should also know for the exam. The code of ethics is there to guide nurses in practice and ensure that they practice ethically and know what to do in ethical situations.

It just makes sense to use Canadian Textbooks as much as possible versus American-based testbooks. Canadian textbooks present the Canadian context and realities of practical nursing. Ideally you want use textbooks that are update and current within 5 years.

To get an idea of which books to use look at the Bibliography at the back of the Prep Guide. Human Anatomy and Physiology 10th Edition. Essentials of Pathophysiology 3rd Edition.

Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing: Concepts, process and practice 2nd Edition. Canadian Essentials of Pediatric Nursing. Helps you gain experience with the new computer-based testing format and system before you write the exam.

Once you are eligible to write you will get access to the testing demo and guide. Why use it? Are great for content review and reinforcing your knowledge. Otherwise use with caution. Be careful using an American prep guide for a Canadian exam.

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Available in English and French You must complete the test within the specified four-hour timeframe Access to your test results, in the form of a Performance Profile available to download The online Practice Test is a four-hour test, consisting of multiple-choice questions matching the Blueprint for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination CPNRE. Start my prep Scoring Your total score on the online Practice Test is calculated as the number of questions on the test that you answered correctly. In addition, your performance is also presented by competency categories, cognitive levels and client age categories. Your performance on each level is calculated as the number of questions in that level that you answered correctly.


CPNRE Prep Guide






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