Pitted against the most destructive of human weaknesses, temptation, the great man must battle evil on a new planet -- Perelandra -- when it is invaded by a dark force. Will Perelandra succumb to this malevolent being, who strives to create a new world order and who must destroy an old and beautiful civilization to do so? Or will it throw off the yoke of corruption and achieve a spiritual perfection as yet unknown to man? The outcome of Dr. Lewis was a professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at Oxford and Cambridge universities who wrote more than thirty books in his lifetime, including The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Mere Christianity.

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Main article: Elwin Ransom Ransom appears very similar to Lewis himself: a university professor, expert in languages and medieval literature, unmarried Lewis did not marry until his fifties , wounded in World War I and with no living relatives except for one sibling. Lewis, however, apparently intended for Ransom to be partially patterned after his friend and fellow Oxford professor J. This may be another allusion to Tolkien, a professor of Old English. In response to this act, the Bent One suffered confinement on Earth where he first inflicted great evil.

Maleldil tried to reach out to Thulcandra and became a man to save the human race. According to the Green Lady, Tinidril Mother of Perelandra, or Venus , Thulcandra is favored among all the worlds, because Maleldil came to it to become a man.

In the Field of Arbol, the outer planets are older, the inner planets newer. The Asteroids are called the "dancers before the threshold of the Great Worlds. Eldila[ edit ] The eldila singular eldil are super-human extraterrestrials. The human characters in the trilogy encounter them on various planets, but the eldila themselves are native to interplanetary and interstellar space "Deep Heaven". They are barely visible as pillars of faint, shifting light. They and maybe all the eldila can manifest in corporeal forms.

The eldila resident on—actually, imprisoned in—Earth are "dark eldila", fallen angels or demons. Hnau[ edit ] Hnau is a word in the Old Solar language which refers to "rational animals" such as Humans. In the book, the Old Solar speaker specifies that God is not hnau, and is unsure whether Eldila immortal angelic beings can be termed "hnau", deciding that if they are hnau, they are a different kind of hnau than Humans or Martians. Tolkien , who used the term in his unpublished during his lifetime The Notion Club Papers - distinguishing hnau from beings of pure spirit or spirits able to assume a body which is not essential to their nature.

In recent times the term has been used by some philosophers , for example in Thomas I. The grammar is little known, except for the plurals of nouns.

It is also referred to as "the Great Tongue": For this was the language spoken before the Fall and beyond the Moon and the meanings were not given to the syllables by chance, or skill, or long tradition, but truly inherent in them as the shape of the great Sun is inherent in the little waterdrop.



Must read for many! Lewis grew in fame throughout England in Classic Science Fiction! Lewis grew in fame throughout England in part due to his writing and in part due to his radio broadcasts known as "Fireside Chats" which became the basis of one of his more influential works, "Mere Christianity. Because it helps to explain the broad appeal of it to many different audiences. Did you enjoy the Narnia Chronicles as a child or an adult reading it to a child? Here then is a new vista written more to an adult level with many of the same elements of genius in writing and allegory that you came to love.


Space Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet / Perelandra / That Hideous Strength

Plot summary[ edit ] The story starts with the philologist Elwin Ransom , some years after his return from Mars at the end of Out of the Silent Planet , receiving a new mission from the Oyarsa the angelic ruler of Mars. Ransom summons narrator-Lewis to his country home. Ransom is transported in a casket-like vessel seemingly made of ice, which contains only himself. He does not wear any clothes on the journey as Oyarsa tells him clothes are unnecessary on Venus. He returns to Earth over a year later and is met by Lewis and another friend.


Perelandra, Space Trilogy Series


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