Shelves: paranormal , review , romance , read-pre-goodreads , military-and-law-enforcement As captain of San Franciscos elite Paranormal Special Forces unit, Jake Macgregors life is now dedicated to saving his city from complete annihilation by the powerful forces of evil which have been attacking San Francisco. Though allied with magical beings from Otherworld to defeat the dark magic creatures which threaten the safety of our world, as the leader of the PSF, Jake takes on the most responsibility. With so much going on and the fate of San Francisco looking increasingly grim, the last thing Jake needs is to be distracted. Even so, Jake finds himself more and more drawn to Cassia, a mysterious beauty whose secrets he longs to discover. Through her birthright she will soon possess magical powers far beyond anything she has ever known. But Cassia soon finds that power comes with a price.

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Another brilliant book added to the Dark Sorcery series. As the over all story continues in its complex wynding way Hannah finds herself in a prossition she would never have thought possible. Great characters, thrilling storyline and some serious steam!!!

Jan 29, Kelly Russell rated it really liked it Wow, just another great story in this series. Once you get past all of the editing errors, the story is rich, colourful, adventurious, sexy and filled with suspense. Garren is brave and honorable; however, he and his people are often misunderstood. Hannah, is strong-willed, intelligent and a warrior Another Tremendously Stupendous Installment! Hannah, is strong-willed, intelligent and a warrior in her own right. Ceithlenn set off a destructive chain of events when she successfully opened a door to the Underworld and freed her husband Balor.

The witches and warriors are outnumbered and outgunned. The Formorii infiltrate top level positions in the government and have basically taken over running the city. Balor without his power is one angry god.

The story had a flair of predictability, but was nonetheless engrossing and exciting. It grated on my nerves that Ceith is constantly called the B-word. This story had the same amounts of sex as the previous novels but at the same time there was a lot more development and "story" than the previous books. I would consider this book a hybrid between dark urban fantasy and dark paranormal romance.

I highly recommend this book and series to those dark urban fantasy readers who have patience to sift through the many sex scenes to stick with the marvelous plot. To be honest I read more of these scenes than in previous novels. I also look forward to reading the next book in the series, Dark Magic.


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