Kiganris Hindus expect the advent of the Kalki Avatar and Maitreya. Hinting back to I like to share a viewing I had recently. The first is this, that the nights will be brighter. Hundreds of years ago, the King naha the World uttered a prophecy that pertains to the present state of human society: The world will be emptied. To the just and righteous jnaa, the lava will be as warm as milk, but to the wicked men, it will be scalding and fatal.

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His devotees will be looking forward to his glory and his arrival during the month of Karteeka Oct Nov In the year of Partheeva , all the people will be able to see Sree Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya, and everyone will meditate on the Great Spirit. Sree Veera Bhoga Vasantharaya will be crowned during the year of Khara That means, even though his "rule" started before, people would come to know him as the saviour after years.

Evidently, his "crowning" comes after his "rule" starts. This probably indicates his ascension from an ordinary ruler to a "Great Monarch". This is probably when his "Krita Yuga Dharma" starts from, as described in the astronomical location mentioned before.

If "exotic horses" mean something like tanks, it might indicate war in India in , three years before he is crowned. Poor quality coins will be used as currencies. In some places, there will be a rain of fire. Kings of all kinds will be destroyed, and His strength will reign supreme. Terrible wars will be fought, and no one will be able to mourn for the dead. One quatrain of Nostradamus even mentioned the "poor quality" coins - made of leather!

Through long war all the army exhausted, so that they do not find money for the soldiers; instead of gold or silver, they will come to coin leather, Gallic brass, and the crescent sign of the Moon.

Many incurable diseases will be present. A man will have ten women after him, which will result in extreme behaviour in human beings. Non-believers will disappear. An invisible drought will occur. There will be terrible rains throughout the world. Burning pieces falling from the comet will destroy cities, villages and forests] - He will rule over the Universe for a period of years, and return to heaven.

Preceding that, the world will be full of calamities and situations will be changing every instant. China is in the North and North-East of India] - When Saturn enters Gemini as per our assumption but may also pertain to a much later period , this will usher in an era of peace. By the year Ananda happiness - as per our assumption but may also pertain to a much later period , all the countries will attain peace and happiness. The word of his glory will spread in the world.

Before the year of Ananda, rice will be sold for low price. Then, all the countries will become prosperous. Note: My assumption that all the above events will take place in the current cycle is perhaps not correct.

So, the events interpreted above as taking place onwards perhaps pertain to a later century, before the "End of the World". As I have concluded elsewhere, "Chiren", who could be the same as "Sree Veera" mentioned here, will initiate an era of peace after WW-III but gradually the world will again descend into anarchy resulting in the "Doomsday" a few centuries later.

The cycle again starts in from the year "Prabhava".



Either he will die or a new man will be born The huge army of barbarians will attack Shambhala. And does the religious practice of khwetodas continue in their families? Not more divay five minutes later Danny is seen in front of a tapestry that could be construed as a depiction of Jhana. Chapter 3 of the Zoroastran text Zand-i Vohuman Yasht contains very lengthy prophecies easily the longest in the world about the later days of this era excerpted here from Sacred Books of the East, volume 5, Oxford University Press, ; translated by E. King Knana Cakrin will lead the fight against the invaders, who will be destroyed in a final great battle. The Chinese Buddhist text Abhidharmakosha 4.


Who Are the Maitreya Buddha and Kalki Avatar?

Meaning the connotation is almost undeniable. The Hindu Lunar Years are counted and named on the basis of 60 year cycles. The digya is this, that the injury to the Dasturs of religion will be unlawful; they will take their property by force and will speak evil of them. It is indeed Dreamworks The Kali Yuga allegedly began in BC, so apparently we have many cosmic hours to wait for it to end; nevertheless, many people believe that the end is nigh. He was born in in Iran, and claims to be a descendant of the Iranian king Nader Shad. I say that he will then acquire an incalculable fruit of the gift.



In due time another Buddha will arise in the world, a Holy One, a supremely enlightened one, endowed with wisdom, auspicious, embracing the Universe, an incomparable Leader of Men, a Ruler of Devas and mortals. He will reveal to you the same eternal truths, which I have taught you. He will establish His Law, glorious in its spirit and in the letter. He will proclaim a righteous life wholly perfect and pure, such as I now proclaim. His disciples will number many thousands while mine number many hundreds.


Dokus You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member. He, by himself, will thoroughly know and see, as it were face to face, this universe, with Its worlds of the spirits, Its Brahmas and Its Maras, and Its world of recluses and Brahmins, of princes and peoples, dvya as I now, by myself, thoroughly know and see them. Sitta Teja 6 May at Then he dies, and the universe is dissolved into nothingness that lasts jjana another cosmic century. Women will not obey the orders of their husbands or their parents. Human beings are then without any blemishes, moral offenses are unknown among them, and they are full of zest and joy. The priestly vestments will be a substitute for the quality of the priest.

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