Comprar en ebook o papel: Lorraine Heath - En la cama con el diablo 8. Me ha encantado. Lorraine Heath tiene la capacidad de hacer con una historia sencilla un libro precioso gracias a sus personajes. Todos y cada uno de ellos me han enamorado, tanto los principales como los secundarios. Vaya coco tiene esta buena mujer, para crear perfiles tan fascinantes.

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I reread it and could not describe how this story connects with me on so many levels. This is my favorite book from Lorraine Heath. I love both characters, how they were individually and how they were together.

I think Luke is the archetype of my kind of hero: a man who truly was in need of acceptance, and Catherine the archetype of my kind of heroine: level-headed, responsible, kind and gentle. The last paragraph of the book still packs a punch. I love it. I have reread this book many times and every time I love the story, Luke and Catherine a little more.

I usually dislike a man who talks "pretty". But Lorraine Heath created Luke, whose affections and feelings rang true, who was indeed a lost soul redeemed. I will only say that I am deeply moved, every time I finish the book and read that final paragraph, and feel as if I too, have been rescued by this love story. Original Review This is a book, that made me sigh. I turned the last page and sighed.

The gentle way the romance was portrayed in this book There was passion, without a doubt. But the softness, the tenderness, this is the old-school romance that made you feel warm in your heart.

The writers of this new romance era like to shock readers with their crude and blatant sexual language to show us passion in the right-in-your-face way. This book has passion in the old-fashioned sense, the sex scenes are explicit but new writers, please take a lesson here for class.

The sex scenes are actually there for a reason, not just to entice readers but to actually serve a purpose in the story. I am all for a good romp. But honestly, I am looking for some kind of a connection that does not largely depend on sex in my romances.

Heath did that with Luke and Catherine. They were strangers who unknowingly to each other, shared a mutual attraction, then they were partners in "crime", helping each other to achieve goals which did not involve each other, then they were friends, coming to care for each other and wanting to help just because, then they were lovers, who shared passion knowing that it could only live for as long or short as a few days, then they were strangers again.

Luke left Catherine alone because he did not know his own heart still thinking that he wanted to marry his childhood friend Frannie and because he wanted to preserve whatever reputation she had left. Catherine buried herself with taking care of her ailing father, chose to let Luke pursue his "happiness" with a woman he had loved since he was a boy, even view spoiler [ hid her pregnancy from Luke knowing that Luke would choose to marry her to do right by her.

It should be obvious that I loved Luke and Catherine as a couple. My favorite types of characters, hands down. I especially loved Catherine. This is one "tough" heroine. Look to Catherine Mabry for a dignified and strong woman in love.

I suppose you could love 2 people at the same time. I know this to be true. But I should hope it is day-and-night clear who you are "in love with". You can love a lot of people but "to be in love with someone", it should be singular, not plural. I think, if you do not know who you are in love with, then you are not in love with anybody.

And Heath had this Frannie thing going on for the entire book and Luke was so blind about how he felt about Frannie, it was very frustrating. I just did not like Frannie as a character for reasons I cannot explain. This "all her male friends doting on her" thing annoys me.

And after I read this book, I suffered from too much frustration in this book with her to want to see her happily ever after. This book may not be the hit of the month or as original as those overly sexual new romances popping out every month. But it is a gentle love story of 2 great characters, which I gratefully read with a soft smile.


En la cama con el diablo - Lorraine Heath





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