The next step is to add a JPA project to the workbench. May 16, at 9: What you absolutely need is addition to that is the Flex Builder. The first step is to a make a new WebLogic domain. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Simply put, at the heart of Fleex is a Servlet that bootstraps the infrastructure that intercepts all calls between a Flex client and the BlazeDS instance. All built-in adapter classes inherit from the ServiceAdapter abstract class.

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Fenrilar You can include the same robustness in BlazeDS as well. Also, you can upgrade the BlazeDS JARs by making a new shared library and use this new shared library in your web projects without changing the web applications.

May 15, at 6: There is plenty more, including use of annotations, possible for configuring Spring Beans as remoting destinations and you may want to learn more online from the Spring BlazeDS project site mentioned earlier in this paragraph. January 19, at 5: Next blazwds need to create the user interface with data grids to display the regions and countries. Set of services enterpris can be managed using JMX agents.

Adding a shared library reference. This streamlines BlazeDS web application deployment. In this example I am fetching the list of country for Flex client layer. BlazeDS is a Java Servlets based web application. May 16, at 9: Workload distribution Distributing work optimally between a client and its server is an important challenge when architecting RIA.

This shared library will be used by the web project. On endpoints that support translation and serialization between AS3 and Java or even web servicesa serialization filter is defined to intercept calls to the endpoint. Generating a basic WebLogic domain. BlazeDS is deployed as an web appication. Usage of Java NIO provides for scalable connections as blocking connections are replaced by non-blocking asynchronous counterparts.

After this we have to define blazede communication channel in services-config. Invocation of remote Java methods from a Flex application.

This channel avoids the overhead of polling and keeps the connection open for the entire scope of communication between the client and the server. Version 2 will use spring. Hi Ravi, I tried my level best to integrate flex blazsds springs, but all in vain Even i tried the application in your blog, only the combo is appearing, its not at all able to hit the java class. Hi Ravi, I am looking for security, with springs and blazeds, which will connect to database and validate the user and password and maintains the session.

Entsrprise endpoint defines a type and format of communication. January 24, at 7: BlazeDS instances can be clustered and the following techniques can be applied to make applications scale better:. Suppose you have an web application with a service layer implemented by spring beans and want to get a richer user interface? The dsadapters project http: Data Format Optimization AMF3 facilitates a very efficient way of binary transmission of data between the server and the client.

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