Do the next numbers look familiar to you? I have been doing service for all kind of industrial electronics for the last 28 years. Drawing wiring and detailed diagrams is a simple thing but is quite tedious and long hours to consider. My experience on that field is needed if my customers requires to get their stuffs working fast and seriously. As simple as that! So I had to get my own diagramming software and repairing organizing software as well.

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Other drive types offered besides standard would be high-speed, wide range constant output, small capacity, and positioning drives. The FR-SF series offers a range of new features that make it effective to use within a system compared to older units.

Some features include Oriented spindle stop function, Accurate response to load, Accurate load meter, and high-speed tapping. FR-SF unit offers ease of use when it comes to parameters as they can be set by using switches on the unit itself, or on the numeric control display. The two most common alarms are Over-Current code 32 and Parameter Error code Both will be shown on the segment display.

If the alarm was intermittent, the drive offers an alarm history where the last 3 alarm instances can be viewed. Out of the two codes we mentioned above, code 32 — Inverter Over-Current — is by far the most common. One of the first checks that can be done once the alarm occurs is disconnecting the motor leads U, V, W from the drive and checking each output to the ground for any short in the circuit. If this test passes and there is no short between the leg and the ground it is safe to run the drive with the motor disconnected.

If AL. With over-current alarms, it is always recommended to meg test the motor and the cables to measure insulation to ensure there is no leakage to the ground. For the step-by-step instruction on how to meg a motor, check out this video guide on our YouTube channel: How to check spindle motor and cables on your machine. Along with Alarm 32, Parameter Error Alarm 37 is the next most frequent alarm. The unit is telling you which parameter is causing the issue so you may change or match to manufacture specification.

If you cannot set a parameter, it is possible you are NC bus-linked and need to change through control parameters. All settings and parameters need to be re-checked — even a single incorrect setting can cause a corruption of the data.

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Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual



REPARATUR & WARTUNG: MITSUBISHI Freqrol Spindle Controller


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