Ganesa Pancha Rathnam Stotra is a highly revered devotional prayer song of Lo Ganesa Pancha Rathnam Stotra is a highly revered devotional prayer song of Lord Ganapathi , the destroyer of obstacles. I salute that remover of obstacles, Who has modakas in his hand Who always bestows salvation Who wears a part of moon on his head Who protects this world which is varied, Who is the leader of those who cannot be lead, Who is the cause of destruction of asuras, And who destroys all things which are not good. I salute the very ancient elephant-god Who destroys the wants of the have nots, Who has been worshipped since ancient times, Who is the eldest son of the lord who destroyed cities, Who eats away the pride of the enemies of the gods, Who is awesome at the time of final deluge, Who wears serpents like Dananjaya as ornaments, And who is fierce like the elephant in rut. I always meditate only on that God with single tusk,, Who is ever lustrous tusk is very pretty, Who is the son of Lord who killed the god of death, Who has a form beyond ones imagination, Who is endless, Who tears asunder all obstacles, And who dwells forever in the heart of Yogis , Like the season of spring. Phalasruthi Maha Ganesa Pancha Rathna Maadharena Yo Anvaham, Prajalpathi Prabhathake Hrudhi Smaran Ganeswaram, Arogadhamadhosadham Susahitheem Suputhratham, The resultant benefit of Chanting Ganesha Pancharatnam He, who remembers with respect every morning, These five gems of the great Lord Ganapati, And who meditates in his heart the leader of ganas, Will soon be blessed with a healthy life, Free of all problems, endowed with great peace Great sons, longevity and spiritual and physical wealth.

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The meaning of this stotra clearly explains the qualities and nature of God Ganesha along with the benefits of praying him. Pancharatnam means five jewels. The last part of this stotra explains the phalastuti or the benefits of reading this stotra. The one who wears the moon as an ornament and the protector of all the worlds. Nathetharathi bhikaram Navodhitharka bhaaswaram Sureshwaram Nidhishwaram Gajeshwaram Ganeshwaram Maheshwaramtha Maasraye Parathparam niramtaram 2 I bow to the God Ganesha , The one who induces fear to the people with dishonest and arrogance, the one who shines like a rising sun.

I pray to the one who destroys the enemies of the gods and who frees and uplift his devotees from the obstacles. The one who is like God Maheswara and always offers protection to the devotees who approached him.

Samasthaloka shankaram Nirastha daithya kunjaram Daretaro-daramvaram Varebha vakthramaksharam Krupakaram kshamakaram mudaakaram yashaskaram Manaskaram Namaskrutham Namaskaromi bhaswaram 3 I bow to the God Ganesha, who gives auspiciousness to all the worlds, the destroyer of demons who are like the musth elephant.

The one who has a big stomach that signifies space and prosperity. Who gives great boons and the elephant-faced god.

The one who showers the grace, the forgiver of mistakes, The god of happiness and the who gives glory to his devotees. The one who gives good thoughts to the devotees. I bow to you, the god with shining form. Akimchanarthi maarjanam Chiranthanokthi bhaajanam Prapanchanaasha bheeshanam Dhanamjayaadi Bhushanam Kapoladaana vaaranam Bhajepuraana vaaranam 4 I bow to the God Ganesh, who removes the sufferings of the destitute or helpless, who is praised in the ancient texts and sayings.

The one who uses his powers during the great dissolution Pralaya , adorned with gods like Agni as his ornaments. The one whose cheeks flows downs the fluid of grace like the elephant, I adore you the primordial or ancient elephant-headed god.

Nitaamtakanta dhantakaanti Mamtakaanta kaathmajam Hrudamtarae niramtaram Vasanthameva yoginaam Tamekadanta maevatam Vichimtayami samtatam 5 The one who is bright with glittering tusk, the son of the god Shiva who killed Yama. I meditate on the deity with a single tusk and the remover of obstacles.


Ganesha pancharatnam

He wears the crescent moon on his head. Ganesha offers liberation from misery, protects us and keeps us safe and guides us in the right direction if we fail to stay on our designated paths. The Lord removes obstacles from the path of those who worship him with complete dedication. He is the Master of Masters. I salute the Vinayaka who ends all inconspicuousness in a flash and maintains focus and positivity in the world. He is unfavourable to those who are arrogant.


Ganesha Pancharatnam: Know and Benefit from this Ancient Mantra



Ganesha Pancharatnam: Lyrics, Meaning and Benefits


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