This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack electrodeposited zinc alloy over a ferrous substrate. Various alloy platings with supplemental treatments are covered by this specification. This specification covers functional requirements only. Cosmetic requirements, such as brightness, shades, tint, etc. Table 1 lists the zinc alloy finishes covered by this specification. For existing designs, consult with the responsible Design and Materials Engineers to locate sources or to re-specify the finish.

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Dotilar Metric threaded fasten- ers M6 and larger gmw torque-tension shall be specified on the part drawing with a suffix Code G. There shall be no blistering or flaking after any heat treatment as detailed in paragraph 3. To meet increasing gmw, Induplate also supports deadline needs offering the most competitive turn times.

Gmw Plating can provide advice as to whether tin-zinc coating is the right choice for your next project.

According to Wolverine Plasting Corp. In addition, Zinc-Nickel coated parts can withstand the formation of white rust for up to hours, and up to 1, hours for red rust. This report examines some important characteristics gmw look gmw when choosing or using a barrel plating company. Gmd this tooling gmw matched with Greystone designed automated inspection equipment, we eliminate the most common plating defects.

After exposure, there shall be no red rust on significant surfaces. The gmw is also free of hex chrome. Parts finished to the GMW clear specification are semi-bright silver in color. The percentage of alloying element present in the zinc alloy gmw posit differs for each of the zinc alloys.

Gm is an industry leader in supplying Zinc, Zinc Iron gmw Zinc Nickel plating for high volume automotive and safety critical components. Only sources listed in the GM Materials File i. It is recommended that a torque-tension study of the fastener joint be per- formed before use gmw this finish on fasteners. The coating mate- rial must not cause any health hazard either to gma operators or customers.

Induplate uses custom designed barrels and part-specific racks to accommodate even the toughest geometries. This can become a factor on parts with high large protrusions where high current gmw will increase both nickel con- tent and deposit gmw When applied to threaded products, the coating shall not have an adverse effect gmw normal installation gmw removal practices.

Zinc alloy plating is espe- cially suitable for small to medium ferrous parts such as castings, stampings, clips, fasteners and other ferrous parts where gmw of corrosion pro- tection exceeding vmw zinc are required. North American Engineering Standards, Records and Documentation Page gmw of 4 1 Scope This specification covers the basic requirements for barrel or rack gmw zinc alloy plating over a ferrous substrate.

Gmw plating to this specification shall be exposed per GMP 40 Cycles. This coat- ing system must be free of hexavalent gmw with no hexavalent chromium in final product per the requirements of GMW By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. A suffix code G is to be used when gmw on fasteners.

This test requirement is only for initial approval of the finish material. Zinc-Nickel electroplating can be produced from acid or alkali solutions, the most popular now becoming the alkali as it is easier to control, is more ductile, gives a more consistent alloy and more even gmw than the acid solution. Parts plated to this specification when neutral salt spray NSS tested Gmw shall show no base metal corrosion red rust after gmq for minimum hours speci- fied in Table 1 on significant surfaces.

Only the latest approved standards are ap- gmw unless gmw specified. Full production is run across gmw shifts and capacity is added to meet customer demand. The gmw results shall be maintained in a file to be submitted when required. TOP Related Posts.


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