Government[ edit ] The main application of the government relation concerns the assignment of case. Government is defined as follows: A governs B if and only if A is a governor and A m-commands B and no barrier intervenes between A and B. This means that for example in a structure like the following, A m-commands B, but B does not m-command A: In addition, barrier is defined as follows: [9] A barrier is any node Z such that Z is a potential governor for B and Z c-commands B and Z does not c-command A The government relation makes case assignment unambiguous. The tree diagram below illustrates how DPs are governed and assigned case by their governing heads: Another important application of the government relation constrains the occurrence and identity of traces as the Empty Category Principle requires them to be properly governed. Consider the sentence "Johni saw hisi mother", which is diagrammed below using simple phrase structure trees.

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Shelves: language-and-linguistics The first thing to say about this book is that I may need to re-read it or rather to study it. It is not that much of theoreticality. It just introduces the theory in a full complete The first thing to say about this book is that I may need to re-read it or rather to study it. It just introduces the theory in a full complete form. Yet this book is the best and "the most authoritative introduction to the Principles and Parameters approach to syntactic theory".

In chapter two the author presents certain assumptions upon which she builds up and develops or explains the construction and development of the theory. Well, for me, that has been weak, for why would these assumptions entail this very theory.

And what is the evidence of language that justifies this. Of course, other books would present this, but to build the whole book on an assumption without justifying it or even referring to books presenting justifications seemed harsh for me; I am going to learn a theory and study all this book because of a claim. Andrew Radford or his Transformational Grammar: A First Course has given better logical graduation of the theory than this.

This book is theoretical. It presents the theory The Government and Binding [GB] Theory and presents arguments in favor of its formulation in this way.

It gives details of its specific points and trys to justify them through Language. So, this is an introduction to GB inasmuch as it gives tools and pre-knowledge necessary to go through the more advanced books of the theory e. As the author says: "In this book we develop an approach to generative syntax which is referrred to as the Principles and Parameters framework; within that approach we elaborate the core concepts of what is usually referred to as Government and Binding Theory.

Still within the Principles and Parameters framework, Chomsky has been developing a different approach referred to as the Minimalist Program The book requires hard effort and extensive reading. A reader cannot move from one chapter to the following without full grasp of the details of the first. May 01, Melissa rated it it was ok Government and binding, though both fascinating in their own right, received a heavy handed treatment in this lengthy tome.

Nov 01, Charity rated it it was ok Read better, read worse. Get a good instructor May 16, Bill rated it liked it Recommends it for: linguistics students.


Introduction to Government & Binding Theory



Government and binding theory


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