There would arise false gospels with false epistles 2nd Thessalonians , along with false prophets and teachers who would not only bring in damnable heresies but would seek to make merchandise of the true believer through their own feigned words 2nd Peter It did not take long for this to occur. In the days of the Apostles, and shortly afterwards, several doctrinal heresies arose. Their early beginnings are referred to in the New Testament in such places as Galatians ; 1st John ; 2nd John ; and Jude They not only plagued the early Church, but are still with us today, in modern form, in many contemporary Christian cults. These false doctrines influenced the transmission of scripture and account for some of the differences in the line of manuscripts.

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He compiled them into a Greek New Testament based on the readings that the true church has accepted throughout the centuries. His compilation came to be known as the Textus Receptus. Click to expand You can still purchase a copy though TBS here. It is not the Majority text that hails from the area around Byzantium Constantinople. It is also true that the Westcott and Hort Text relies too heavily IMO on vaticanus and sinaiticus and at times dismisses the Majority readings out of hand.

That is a valid criticism of the text these men produced. Modern texts have largely remedied this issue and have incorporated the findings of the Paypri that were unknown to Westcott and Hort and Erasmus and Stephanus and Beza. My Nestle Aland 28 text contains the variant readings from different sources.

Whatever may be thought of it, it is a book that one is proud to be contemporary with. I must work out and examine the argument in more detail, but at present my feeling is strong that the theory is unanswerable. I have this volume. This citation does not appear in this volume. Please correct the citation.


Heresies of Westcott and Hort

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ISO 3506-3 PDF

Enthusiasts of the modern versions complain that their versions no longer follow the system developed by Westcott and Hort, so our statement is no longer valid. This is deception! Modern versions DO base their work on these two unbelievers! All this does is to spread the muck over a wider area! The only real way to translate is to use original sources, as favoured and used by genuine translators.


Brasar Many would be used as animals by their cruel masters. A strange mental adjustment must be made on the part of those who follow Dr. Page 7 for an illustration of erroneous thinking that completely negates the value of this apparent orthodoxy. The Thinking, Theories and Theology of Drs.


What were their Beliefs? The best way to discover the beliefs of the dead is to study their writings. Here are some of their beliefs, as revealed by their own writings: Did not believe in the miracles of the Bible - Westcott in "1 never read an account of a miracle but I seem instinctively to feel its improbability and discover some want of evidence in the account of it. Have you read Darwin? How I should like to talk with you about it! In spite of difficulties, I am inclined to think it unanswerable. In any case, it is a treat to read such a book.

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