After one whole day of struggling with different GNS3 issues I did succeed to configure almost everything. Other thing that took me some time are that the interfaces are named differently. There are furthermore some other changes to witch interfaces are different devices connected but all the devices now are connected to all other devices exactly as in VOL. Do the topology by yourself, you will learn more! From my perspective it is even better that the topology is messed up a little in GNS3.

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If you are only going to be running 6 routers and you have 2Gb ram in your machine then setting this to MB will be fine, if you are planning on running the 32 router topology from INE you are going to need the RAM to support it. I have mine set to but I have 16Gb of ram in my machine so could support 64 routers at a push. Hypervisor Manager There is one setting that I do adjust and that is the memory limit per hypervisor. The hypervisor is what actually runs your routers and once you have used the memory limit set in here, GNS3 will start a new hypervisor.

To set the idlepc value simply drag one router into the topology, start it and after a couple minutes right click on the router and select Idle PC, it will probably warn you that one is already set, just click ok and wait.

After a few seconds you will be offered potentially better idlepc values. There is no real science to this, you just pick one of the values and see if your CPU drops. Once you have downloaded the. In the files you will see the topology. This file was created on another computer so you will have to make a few adjustments for it to work on your setup.

You first need to understand the path of your working dir and of your image file, the easiest way to do this is to create a one router topology make one change to the router and save the project as test. You will then have a new topology file for your one router topology with the correct paths which you can reference in a minute. To save your project click on File save project as and ensure you have save IOS startup configurations set.

Navigate to your projects folder and open the test folder and then open topology. Save the file and start your topology. It should run like a dream. I hope this GNS3 Tutorial has been of some use to somebody and as always please comment below if you want any questions answered.

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INE CCIE R&S Lab Topology in EVE-NG

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