The Mask and the Veil Throughout the length and breadth of the Levant, there is no town where women are more utterly and completely veiled than at Cairo. At Constantinople, at Smyrna, through a veil of white or black gauze, it is occasionally possible to catch a glimpse of the face of some Muslim beauty. No matter how severe the laws may be, they seldom succeed in rendering that delicate tissue any more opaque. The veiled beauties are like graceful and coquettish nuns who, though they have consecrated themselves to the service of a single spouse, yet do not think it amiss to spare an occasional thought for the world.

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This was also where he began to take poetry more seriously. He was especially drawn to epic poetry. Despite its many flaws, the translation had many merits, and it did a great deal to establish his poetic reputation. That fall, he headed to southern France, then traveled to Florence, Rome and Naples.

In May of that year, he created Le Monde Dramatique, a luxurious literary journal on which he squandered his inheritance. Debt-ridden, he finally sold it in Getting his start in journalism, he traveled to Belgium with Gautier from July to September.

Nerval may have fallen in love with the actress. Some specialists claim that his unrequited love for her is what inspired many of the female figures that appear in his writing, including the Virgin Mary, Isis, the queen of Saba.

Other experts disagree with this biographical analysis. After publishing a third edition of Faust in July, including a preface and fragments of Second Faust, he traveled to Belgium in October. After a first nervous breakdown on 23 February he was cared for at the Sainte-Colombe Borstal "maison de correction". Back in Paris in , he began to publish articles about his trip in His Voyage en Orient appeared in Between and , Nerval traveled to Belgium, the Netherlands, and London, producing travel writing.

At the same time, he wrote novellas and opera librettos and translated poems by his friend Heinrich Heine , publishing a selection of translations in His last years were spent in dire financial and emotional straits. This is when he composed some of his best works. I have a liking for lobsters.

They are peaceful, serious creatures. For Marcel Proust , Nerval was one of the greatest writers of the nineteenth century. Includes several pieces already published, including Les Amours de Vienne, which first appeared in the Revue de Paris in Sylvie — described by Nerval as "un petit roman" "a small novel" , it is the most celebrated of his works.


Gérard de Nerval

Fenrimi The Afghanistan book whetted whet? Open Preview See a Problem? Publisher Harcourt, Barce And Company. Beautiful hands adorned with talismanic rings, and silver bracelets; sometimes alabasterlike arms escaping from the broad sleeves pulled back over the shoulder; bare feet, laden with rings, which leave their slippers at every step, while the heels clatter along with a silvery tinkle — all these we may admire, divine, surprise, without annoying the crowd, or causing any embarrassment to the woman herself. This is indeed the country of dreams and of illusions. My dragoman Abdullah, when I told him my intention, pretended to be alarmed at my audacity, for he had not much desire to go through the streets in the middle of the night, and talked to me about the dangers of being murdered or beaten.


Journey to the Orient






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