Cults of the Shadow-w-w-w! This time he presents his interpretation of several such "Cults" Grant has a perverse affection for lurid terminology and attempts to show them as parts of one primordial Current. This part is quite interesting and well done, but Grant spoils it by insisting that these are the prototypes of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. There is just not enough resemblance; and if there were, would it not make more sense if the ancient Egyptian Gods were the ancestors of the modern African deities?

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Start your review of Nightside of Eden Write a review Jul 15, Brian Erland rated it it was amazing The often obtuse and much maligned Kenneth Grant is probably one of the least understood occultist and writers of the 20th century. Within the shadowy world of the arcane and esoteric the reactions and opinions concerning Grant and his writings are passionate and varied.

Some consider him the rightful successor of the legendary Aleister Crowley and the "Left Hand Path" while others consider him no more that a madman. This is a book shunned by many, even feared by some. Words such as delusional and incoherent are among those used to describe this evocative text. I stand on the other side of the ongoing debate and consider it to be the most insightful and influential work on the qlipothic energies and their function and activity on the Tree of Life ever published.

Highly original and imaginative in content, Grant displays his impressive knowledge of arcane signs and symbols and an innate ability to blend the very personal aspects of thought and imagination with the more impersonal aspects of theory and practice. Is it a masterpiece or the ranting and raving of an egomanical manic? Maybe the more important question would be, is it Atavastic Breakthrough or Psychotic Breakdown? This book will provide the advanced magician with all the necessary knowledge to work with an extraordinary current, to have some very unusual experiences that cannot This is quite possibly the most interesting book I have ever read.

This book will provide the advanced magician with all the necessary knowledge to work with an extraordinary current, to have some very unusual experiences that cannot be had any other way, and to experience some very interesting States of Consciousness.

As always with Grant, he is reporting a great deal of channeled, skryed, and received information from another universe, one that exists within the Waters of Chaos, as a result his Qabala and History seem strange, surreal, and bizarre in the context of this universe.

The facts are that this is a very workable system which is rapidly transforming the occult landscape. It explains a great deal to practitioners of various stranger aspects of Tantric Buddhism and Tantric Hinduism, though Grants sources are certainly non traditional the philosophy and practice are spot on with the Vamacharya traditions and can only increase the development and understanding of the advanced practitioner.

It is fashionable in many occult circles to denigrate Grants writings, largely because of rivalries which should be old news at this point, it is for the best that the T. But those who are watching are actively involved in this tradition and it is rapidly making significant changes in this universe through many avenues, before dismissing the whole process it would be advised that those without recognize how far reaching these effects may become.

This working is not for the inexperienced or even intermediary practitioner, however it can be safely and effectively used by anyone with an advanced degree of adept hood and will provided a great deal of understanding and wisdom in that context. Jun 07, Peter rated it really liked it Fascinating insight into the tunnels of set Dec 04, Camilo Quintero rated it really liked it Libro de lectura obligada y primordial para magos y hechiceros.


Nightside of Eden

It is currently on pre-order in both a standard edition, available directly and, for US and CA, from J D Holmes , and in a deluxe edition available directly. Originally published by Muller in , it was subsequently reissued by Skoob Publishing in This new edition of copies is freshly typeset in an octavo format of pages. Many of the plates have been rephotographed, and some are printed in colour. It has its roots in the primal earth of Eden, but its branches extend into extra-terrestrial dimensions. This Tree, which is a familiar concept to mystics and magicians alike, has another side, a nightside which receives but passing mention in contemporary manuals of occultism; as if the ancient writings of the Arabs and Jews contained allusions to mere figures of speech and monstrous fancies.


Kenneth Grant

Grant was fascinated by the work of the occultist Aleister Crowley , having read a number of his books. Houghton refused, privately remarking that Grant was "mentally unstable. Now living in relative poverty, Crowley was unable to pay Grant for his services in money, instead paying him in magical instruction. And this at 20! Steffi Grant introduced herself to the occult artist Austin Osman Spare in , having learned about him while she was modelling for Herbert Budd , a tutor at St. Although making some money as an artist and art tutor, he was largely financially supported by his friend Frank Letchford, whom he affectionately referred to as his "son". During the s, he was only one of a handful of people editing material by Crowley and Austin Spare, and he was practically alone in offering new contributions to the literature of magick.


ISBN 13: 9781871438727




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