Reset by interrupting AC power. Plot of typical current limiting curves. Lateral circulation by blowers insures efficient heat transfer; permits stacking of units without overheating. Regulation is given either as a percentage of the output voltage or current or as an absolute change, AV or Al. This comparison bridge is capable of achieving better than 0.

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The sensitivity control then adjusts the firing threshold from 0 to the operating current; maximum 30 amperes. Guaranteed by Fri, Jan 4. Has nice, white paper. All Kepco products are backed by a valid, dc repair guarantee — for one year after date of sale.

All output terminals are isolated from the chassis, either positive or negative output may be grounded except Model HB volt- age changes less than 0. A means by which the regulator circuit senses the voltage directly at the load. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Units with fine kpco have a resolution of 0. Kepco engineers are available to study your specific power supply requirements towards recommending an optimum solution. Special terminals provide for resistive voltage or current programming at ohms per volt.

Load current is equal and common through each supply. Book is in great condition with clean pages and tight binding. For the address and telephone number of your local Kepco Zc Engineer, refer to the back cover of this catalog. The combined output Is fully corrected by the opposing response of the corrector power supply and results In the trace to the right same scale. The control ratio is expressed in ohms per volt. No output voltage overshoot from turn on, turn off or power failure. Hence the wire conductors used to connect the load must be considered as part of the load.

No series choke, capacitive filtering provides excellent ripple reduction and minimizes transient response characteristics. Kepco models equipped with the remote error sensing feature can automatically compensate for voltage drops of up to mv across each load supply lead. More refinements More refinements DC on-off switch, pilot light and fuse.

Seq which among other things prohibit Provisions of 22 USC Model numbers in table include voltmeter and ammeter. No output voltage overshoot from turn on, turn olf or power failure. Power on-off switch, pilot light and fuse. Up to volts for Hybrid Models. Provisions of 50 USC Appx. SMMX sv. Less than 3 millivolts rms. DC output and ground 5-way terminals. The model numbers in the table include a voltmeter and ammeter. An item that has been used previously.

Show only see all. Search the history of over billion kepcp pages on the Internet. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Pages Kepco Accessory Equipment. TOP Related Articles.



Malarisar Barrier strip terminations for DC output and ground, remote voltage control, remote error sensing, current regulator connections. Buying Format see all. At 32 volts, the output voltage at the terminals will not change more than 3. Current Regulated Output range 0.


Kepco Inc SC-32-5 Regulated Power Supply

Mezijin The compliance voltage range is extended to 0— volts when the output current is derated in accordance with the load current derating graphs. All output terminals are isolated from the chassis, either positive or negative output may be grounded. Through more than 16 years kepci experience in the development, testing and manufacture of equipment of the highest quality, Kepco, Inc. A separate, highly regulated voltage source used as a standard to which the output of the power supply is continuously referred. SM MX B 1 Bias Units operate within regulation specification for short term line frequency changes within the range 57—63 cps V models. The maximum voltage compliance is equal to the output voltage range of the Power Supply. Back to home page.

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