Low Band DXing Part 2 of 2 Last month I talked about the lure of low-band DXing and of the enormous amount of fun and satisfaction available to those who jump into the fray. My contention is that this exciting niche of HF operating is available even to those who are real estate challenged. To be sure, low-band DXing from a small lot is "doing it the hard way" but as many have discovered, the more difficult the challenge, the greater the sense of accomplishment when the goal is achieved. Believe me, you will become intimately familiar with "The Three Ps" — patience, persistence, perseverance. When you accept the fact, that for you, the playing field is not even, that no one else is really concerned about your plight, and that you are in it for your own sense of accomplishment, you have already cleared the first, major stumbling block. You will quickly learn to hone your skills, play smarter, and maximize the few resources you have available.

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What Makes Low-Band DXing Different?

There are lots of stations active, the antennas are manageable in size and effective height, and when there are sunspots to light up the ionosphere, the bands open up for stations large and small. Here are some tips to get you started. Warning: Low-band DXing, like a lot of challenging activities, can be all-encompassing! The most obvious difference is that the low bands open up in the very late afternoon and really get going after dark. When this column was being written early , the sunspot cycle was at a minimum with very low solar flux. That meant the high bands closed down quickly at sunset, if they even opened through the day at all!


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