Edit Jobs : He and his parents and brother are on the Mayflower: only [Jobs] and his brother, Edward survive. It is Jobs who discovers the remains of Earth. He was the son of a prominent scientist, Jennifer Andreeson, head of astrophysics at Stanford, and Tony Andreeson, a software technician with the "kind of job where nobody expects you to show up on time, or at all," and was recruited to go on the Mayflower Project. He was briefly romantically involved with a girl named Cordelia before he went aboard the Mayflower project, and the first book of Remnants deals with his longing for her to accompany him on the ship. Cordelia instead comes to be an infamous death when her video link reveals to the world a chunk of The Rock obliterating San Francisco and its inhabitants, with the resulting shockwave shattering the building where [Cordelia] witnesses the destruction from. His mother is Olga.

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Although that shot of Edward on the cover is horrible, eurgh. I felt bad reading it in public and subjecting the woman beside me to this creepy child staring at her. Favourite quotes below: view spoiler [Jobs resented it. Beyond being scared, he resented it. This is what came of superstition, he told himself, knowing he was being unreasonable. Still, Jobs resented it.

This is what came of believing nonsense. He felt someone holding his head and heard singing. His mother was holding him, rocking him, but she was crying, too, whimpering like him. Suddenly rough hands shoved Olga away. A startling slap. A sharp pain on his face. Another slap. Get up off your knees and deal with it. Violet Blake slapped him again and winced at the pain it caused her.

He moved. His mind went black. He seemed to be staring through a veil of blood. Fear was gone, nothing but rage, screaming fury. He was not sure he was ready to designate a victim to be fed to the baby. He was glad to be out of the tower. Then his tone shifted. How much worse a mess can Mother come up with?


K. A. Applegate

Plots[ edit ] The Mayflower Project: At the start of the first book, Jobs learns of a seventy-six mile long asteroid on a collision course with Earth. His parents then tell him of a project of eighty people being shipped off into a shuttle with solar sails and hibernation booths. Cordelia later dies when a small piece of the asteroid breaks off and destroys San Francisco. Shortly before boarding the Mayflower, a gunman kills one of the eighty and the Mayflower takes off with Mark and D-Caf, who have stowed away in spaces suits, and unbeknownst to anyone, a pregnant marine sergeant, Tamara Hoyle. Mark attacks Tamara, but is ultimately killed by her. Jobs hears the commotion and subdues D-Caf, but not before D-Caf accidentally shoots one of the pilots. The Mayflower commander, Colonel Willett realizes that a solar sail has been damaged.


Remnants Series


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