Software Hacking explores the tools and techniques used in software piracy. Summary Of The Book Developing a great software application involves a lot of intense hard work and a lot of knowledge. Intellectual property rights enable the creator of the software to hold inviolable copyrights on their product. It helps them to earn a return on their hard work by enabling them to sell copies of the software.

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Who is this Hotshot? Actually, he is famous Ethical Hacker. Ethical and Hacker!!! Actually, Hacker means Internet pro guy who can crack any thing according to Media definition and Ethical means guy with moral value simply a Good guy. Now, you get this meaning, right! Now, I can assume you get it. His story begin when near in ado period BC Sorry, year a gifted 14 year child get fame by writing his first Ethical Hacking Book. Which was top in Forbes for top 20 selling Books, who gave him enormous fame.

After that his fame spread through all media and news and become India tech Rock star.. He did not stop there. People becomes Nuts from him. Last, He printed 6 to 7 Book, create dozen of tuition and thousand of seminars.

Yeah, you get it, now. Who is this Hotshot! After all he is Indian tech Rock star. Now, come to reality. Who actually he is????? Based on true facts, My answer will! Which every paragraph to every line and even style to all of this are copy from other best seller Book, Blog and Website and from their contents, after all, for good durability, you must need Viagra or Desi!

So, many of going to ask; what is wrong with that? Yeah, right!! But, I thought he was gifted child; after all, man like Mozart created his own Symphony Music at age of 3 without copy, in this age we were Peeing on Neighbour wall not on a Facebook! Ooohkkk… He was just 14 year old kid in near who had Computer and broadband with Internet!! You can buy his Books and can read to with total your own risk, you must have Bima! Damn, Evidence; finally become Sherlock Homes! Late, be frank; with our sucker Society Not, talking about Tea!

Where people suck toe of people who perform Drama Karishmaa!! Not Bollywood one. Actually, kind one to! Where, people become Nuts Not, Dry-fruit! Last, nail on coffin Not, Mine. Damn, Welcome in my field, Buddys. Actually, thing was kind a different. Not, Lollypop ; Maybe Yes! Damn, Finaly Jurasic Park releashed! I pee in my pant. Had a spared one to! Unoo old Crap! For, breaking bit or more you must require a sexy Super Computer Actually, which equal to to PC! I never experiment in this part on my Crap Actually, Computer; who give me lot of Shity errors!

Yeah, One thing I agree with decrypt stuff that which can crack. No, Shooting! Our moron Sorry, Marvel! Brightness in Hall! After all, America is motherland of Tech Cowboys. Bond act. He got tons of mother fuckers Sorry..

That was silly grammar mistake, marvel followers! People become die hard his fan Actually, class attainers die with hanging on Fan! Let, be frank he had many or have many follower who asking his Autograph Not, Puberty Graph; who care other Shit! People pay Ten of thousands for his seminar and hundreds for ticket With that you can have some Spicy Escort, Sooorry! Please guys hold your Zip! Yeah, About time to big boy to open there Front for him You get it, Means!

What I am saying! Smart Boys! Reliance, started above course with him until they dump him when there own website hacked Ouch, That Hurt; Damn totally Raped!

May be from thick Brain! After his SuckSex Sorry, tongue slipped, Success! So, he get in and few year later get Degree to Not, talking about Pd-gree Dog food! I thought, he was great Hacker! Ohkkk, We agree he is drop-out; who give damn about degree if you have money and fame Actually, I am thrice Drop-out. We all know, in world many great hacker and person are also drop-out.

Also, his holly overseas seminar at the time created fame and rookas Ehee, Shouting after showed Godzilla! Wow, he is definitely Indian version of Harry Potter Who wrote it! No, Crap Music any more!! Tight, your seatbelt for bumpy Ride! This Smart-Ass claimed to be great Fadia Hacker. That means he is lack of his Fertility Definitely, need third party Help! Then, question is created what the fuck he is going to be Hacked; What on? This is it! Actually, this Moron said in not public but in seminar where some Cocky kid make Video and upload in Youtube.

When, Hacker find out; they really really Pissed-off. Bomb-aard with virus, bugs, loop holes, and yes lot of Shity words. Why the fuck! Why watch Panoti Face!! Who make your all day worse Sali, Boni Kharab ho gayi! Linux is life of old to new, dump to best, rooky to super computer. I am building my own to!

Windows is only good for play video-games. I ask one question, what the hell Hacking is? No, Hell!! Each and every time in every seminar to every lecture in every Video, you can see this Bastard only use some cheap internet trick like play video-games front of people Worse than, fucking Facebook Farm-villa request!

One, laptop junky can do better Drama then this Fucker! Maybe for Masturbate! Actually, I want to use Punch. But, what his cheap personality got; he will not, but may be assume that he end-up to. So, next what? Coming from Holly Eastern Land. Where I am greatest Ethical Hacker. Who age 14 wrote famous Ethical Hacking Book. After wrote dozen of Forbes top listed great Books.

Those people are not nice as our one. Being them target means socially, politically, economically and financially fucked up End of Matrix Revolution! See, First time and last time I appreciated him, Humm!

Miyagi as neighbour! I spent all my day for writing this Shit Actually, Article! No food; only Lemon Juice! I know, Mr. Ankit Fadia is famous for sue people for silly minor detail, like above Buddy, I am still leaving on Dabar and Parle-G..


Ankit Fadia : Tricks of being Ethical Hacker !






Ankit Fadia


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