However, rather than simply being content as one of the greatest jiu-jitsu athletes of all time, Professor Galvao has also built numerous successful business ventures. Practitioners from far and wide have moved to Southern California specifically to train with Professor Galvao and his incredible team, and to compete under the Atos flag. Atos Brand The Atos brand has become internationally renowned. Due to the high demand of Atos branded merchandise, both from affiliate academies as well as practitioners who are simply avid fans of Professor Galvao and his team, the Atos Shop was created as an online resource for all Atos-branded gis, apparel, and related products.

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When I was a preadolescent, around ten years old, my family moved to Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, and this is where my brothers discovered judo and jiu-jitsu. Close to our new home was the Calasans academy, a judo school with links to jiu-jitsu as well. Both my oldest brother, Carlos, and my youngest brother, Gustavo, started training judo and jiu-jitsu because the academy was so close to our house and Master Calasans was always very generous to our impoverished family.

My brothers would come home dally talking about the academy, but I had health problems with asthma, so instead of jiu-jitsu, my father enrolled me in swimming classes. This ended up being a blessing. By swimming three kilometers a day, I had increased my cardiovascular strength and my lung capacity, making my next move into contact athletics far easier. The more I swam, the more I wanted to become an Olympic swimmer, but my brothers would never stop goading me to try jiu-jitsu.

They told me to train with them, and 1 chided them, saying that it was for girls and,"You guys have to hug men! Finally, when I was around fourteen years old, I went with them to try a class. After the training session, I was exhausted and exhilarated.

Both my brothers easily controlled and humbled me in class. I knew I was strong from swim ming, but I had no idea about the type of strength I would need to learn this fascinating art.

This was my first experience with the mountain of work I would take on to become proficient in jiu-jitsu. Not all my trials would be physical. Although jiu-jitsu clicked with me and my brothers, it would not be easy for me to train.

At the time that I finally gave it a try, my brothers were both training with Luiz Carlos "Careca" de Aguilar, a black belt Instructor under Oswaldo Alves. Careca would be my first Instructor as well, but only for three months.

My family had financial problems, so I had to work in a pharmacy to help make ends meet. At the time, I was depressed because I felt like jiu-jitsu was slipping away from me. I worked at the pharmacy for over two years until I asked my dad If I could train jiu-jitsu again because I was young and I really loved it. He allowed me and my brothers to do it, but to ensure that we took it seriously, he said that if we did not win the championships, we would all have to go back to work.

I had just turned seventeen and knew that I had to train night and day to stand a chance at my first tournament. As an early white belt, my favorite move was the bull fighter, or torreando guard pass, and I used it exclusively to achieve my first tournament victory. With this, my father gave his blessing, and he worked hard to support our training as much as possible. How strange to be happy about a lack of natural skill? For me, this elation stemmed from my strong perfor mances, both In class and at my first few tournaments.

When I had to work three times as hard as my classmates to learn something, I knew I was not the wunderkind. When I saw new students excel where I struggled, I understood that my time in jiu-jitsu would be all about determination. He was so flexible and fast and flexibility is a talent , but he did not train like me. What took me days of training to learn took him only minutes.

However, as time went on, he drifted into drug use and focused less on training and more on his own talent. He knew that he could always "just pick things up. The reason is simple, I slept, trained, ate well, focused, resisted partying, and excelled.

Talent can help so much in the beginning, but you cannot reach the top without hard work. Careca supported me and my brothers very well. He took me from white to blue belt and did not ask for a dime. I trained hard while I was there, and I lived on the mats because I could not afford boarding. Though it sounds hectic. I look back at this time with fond memories.

I would wake up, train hard, clean the mats, train yet again, clean once more, and sleep on the very same floors. I learned a lot from Alves about the Importance of repetition and focus. Alves would often use closely related sequential moves that taught the transitions between jiu-jitsu techniques. For me,these sequences told the story of jiu-jitsu—movement.

Due to his emphasis on physical training and continuous drilling, we went on auto pilot to the championships. When I got to purple belt, I returned to Sao Jose and continued my training with Careca, my original master. Shortly after I returned from Rio, Careca noticed that I was running low on training partners and that I needed something more than he alone Me and my master, Fernando "Terere" Augusto.

At the time. I enjoyed training in my home academy, sur rounded by old friends. However, Careca convinced me to reach farther, and he reminded me of my promise to my father. Feeling that I had the work ethic to go far In jiu-jitsu, Careca decided to send me to Fernando "Terere" Augusto, a famed jiu-jitsu world champion, who could train me hard to the next level.

Not only would I live with Terere, but I would receive private lessons and dally teachings from him at his Master Team-affiliated academy.

Dahl and Kid Peligro. I was very fortunate because Terere taught me Photo: Leka vieira SO many positions and he gave me private lessons for three years. With Terere, I hit the jiu-jitsu lottery. He never charged me for any lessons, and he allowed me to live with him. We trained hard, and I learned the intricate details and variations in positions. I also learned about the winning psychology. Terere gave me his best. I learned so much in this period, and it really opened my mind to jiu-jitsu.

TT was a competitive powerhouse,focused on a winning attitude. Terere would always let us know,"If you train hard, you will win. Terere made us train hard, but train happy. His motto was simple, "If you watch TV, you have fun.

If you run, you have fun. If you train, you need to have fun, too. Terere understood the power of stress. So my training was more enjoyable than ever. Terere also put it in my mind that victory came from the submission. Everything was angied toward the finish and we Me with teammates from Brasa. During a flight from the United States, Terere had some problems and was detained in the U.

We were all worried about his deteriorat ing mental state, and when he returned, things were not the same. Unfortunately, my jiu-jitsu master succumbed to a cycle of drug use and personal torment. This was a hard time in my life because I felt like I was losing my best friend and mentor.

Meanwhile, I had just competed at the Brazilian Nationals and lost twice to world champion Marcelo Garcia. My lack of training and overconfidence cost me; Marcelo beat me once on points and again via choke. Later that year, I lost again to Marcelo Garcia, this time by advantages, in the finals of the Mundials. Combined with the loss of my master Terere, my defeats at the hands of Garcia sent me on a personal jiu-jitsu soul search.

With being such a tumultuous year, I knew I needed to make a change and get the training necessary to beat Garcia. I needed a coach, because I have always looked to great figures in my life for guidance. Training with Leo was incred ible because every class was like a seminar to me. I learned so much from him, and my jiu-jltsu IQ started to explode. Every day, we would train together, and again I felt fortunate to see jiu-jltsu being created right in front of me. Competing for Brasa was like a reunion of old train ing partners.

My jiu-jitsu was alive again, and the champion ships started coming. The following year, Leo Vieira decided to split from Brasa and Winning my first black belt world championship at the Mundials. I was at another crossroads. Should I slay with my friends and teammates at Brasa or follow my coach? For the first time in my career. I decided to stick with my friendships and leave my training in limbo. At this time, I was a multiple-time world champion and did not know where to go with my jiu-jitsu.

This is when my old friend and teammate from my days at IT Academy, Ramon Lemos, asked me to form a new team with him. I had always dreamed of my own jiu-jitsu team, and now the opportunity was finally In front of me.

Ramon was the perfect fit. He understood my strengths and weaknesses and had already brought many of our teammates at IT to the world-class level. With the team set, we decided on a simple name, Atos, in reference to the biblical Book of Acts. With Atos, the dreams of my father have been fulfilled; I have achieved championships and become a professional in jiu- jitsu. Now, I get to pass on the knowledge given to me by so many great M friends and coaches.

Photo: Jason Hunt up to the true meaning of Acts. When I was younger, I just fought and trained hard and did not dwell on religion, even though I was born into a Catholic family.


Bjj Drills aus Andre Galvao´s “Drill to Win” auf youtube

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Andre Galvao - Drill to Win

And let me say what a great.. Andre Galvao provides drills from every position.. Search for Galvao Drill Win.. Shipping from 24h.. He is the author of the martial arts book Drill to Win:. Submission grapplingGalvo has won.


Drill To Win: 12 Months to Better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



André Galvão


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