Water changes, regular cleaning, feeding, and attention to your tank. I try to keep my maintenance regimen simple, but there is a minimum level of effort to keep everyone in the tank healthy. Inevitably, there comes a time when you have to leave town and then the reality sets in: what am I going to do with the fish! In my research, this model of fish feeder had very good user reviews. Most people are giving the Eheim auto fish feeder very good reviews with only a few negative comments. I was hopeful that it would meet our needs and decided to set one up for our holiday vacations.

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Still testing it out but so far I feel I can trust it to feed correctly while we are on vacation. My last feeder gummed up right after we left and the fish were not fed for two weeks.

Luckily everyone survived. This will not be the case with this new feeder because it operates differently to prevent this. Something went wrong. Please try again later. Report Favorite feeder of this fish parent By Silentdrinks on Mar 17, I bought one of these ten years ago, and it finally died last month. I fully anticipate my new one to last as long.

Hint: when you figure out how far the slot should be open for you, just mark the position with a Sharpie. After fiddling with the feeder for a few minutes it was programmed and running. It really is a great feeder at the right price. Report Works great, easy to set up!

By Muffetjane on Dec 15, I bought this for an aquarium at my work a school so that my tetras and dwarf african frogs get fed regularly. This was quite easy to program and it reliably feeds them at that time.

I use the smallest "amount" setting for 2 feedings daily and that seems perfect for my small tank! Easy to read directions too, which is always a plus! Report Don? I attempted to use the clamp it came with but that didn? It might be good for someone with a different tank than me but it definitely isn? Report Easy to set up and use By kalyn on Dec 4, I have not used this automatic feeder yet but I have set it up and it works perfectly. I love how I can adjust the amount of food that it releases.

Report Overfeeds fish! Even on lowest setting. By Debra on Aug 21, Top Contributor Even on the lowest possible setting, the amount of food that comes out is too much for a small amount of fish. My tanks are all cloudy because of this product. If you have a good amount of fish and big tank, this may be a good product for you.

Not worth the hassle in my opinion By mamafirebird on Jul 17, Top Contributor Got this to take care of my 75 gal goldfish tank, when my husband and I were going to be traveling away from home for close to 3 weeks. This is a versatile feeder! It can feed pellets or flakes, and little flat discs - just not 2 different sized foods in the chamber at the same time. You can adjust a sliding door to make the food drop opening larger or smaller, depending on the size of your food and how much you want dispensed at one feeding.

It can be programmed for multiple settings. The unit comes with a bracket to attach it on the outside of your tank, but I found it worked just right for me to have mine sit on top of the glass lid, and dispense the food through a 2" opening I made with the plastic spacer panel. The unit has a small internal fan that keeps food from clumping due to humidity around your tank.

If you want to feed different foods at different intervals, you need more than one unit. Also, this is not for frozen, wet, or gel foods - just dry materials. Highly recommended!


Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Food Dispenser



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