A train ride on the tourist railway line across the Volcanic Eifel provides another unforgettable experience. You can take a closer look at the location of the Volcanic Eifel holiday region. Here you will also find the many lakes and maars crater lakes. Of course, this does NOT mean that other trails are less interesting. His spaghetti style website is fun anyway.

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Platform for hiking in Germany. Eifelsteig Hiking Holidays in the Eifel In particular, note that publication on the Internet, like publication by any other means, does not in itself imply permission to redistribute. The Maare Moselle cycle path from Daun to Bernkastel a former railway line is a rather popular cycle path and provides a good opportunity to discover the Volcanic Eifel. Use the left menu to find any trail. This organisation maintains many trails in the north of Germany, among others the European Long Distance Trails.

You will find entries to the different regions with popular walks and summits, and a overview of popular huts. His spaghetti style website is fun anyway. Fantastic, modern website offering trail descriptions all over Germany and some abroad. Check out their tour descriptions. The copyright holder of this work allows anyone to use it for any purpose including unrestricted redistribution, commercial use, and modification.

Within the kartf border is the volcanic Eifel region. Germany has a rich hiking tradition, and many many local organisations. The maps show you the location of the low mountain range Eifel and the Volcanic Eifel. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. In the east, the course of the Rhine borders the Eifel. In the West you can see the borders with neighboring countries: Among them the beautiful and magical Eltz Castle which is internationally known.

This cycle path is also very popular since it explains the fascination of the cosmos and the astronomy along the route of approx. Special geo-experience weeks are also offered. Many finds are evidence of this. The small town of Daun and the three famous Dauner Maare crater lakes are considered the centre of the Volcanic Eifel. There is also a large number of interesting links to leisure facilities and excursion destinations here in the Eifel.

Put on your hiking boots and headphones and enter the realm of Wagner, Brahms and Schumann, walking through the land of Rhine and Danube, of traditional half-timbered houses, mighty lieserpfae and ancient taverns serving excellent food and wine. This is the region starting from the Zugspitze to the east. Part of the content is also available in English see under Walk-in-Europe.

Hikers looking for an alternative may prefer the mountains in Rhineland-Palatinate. In a well-known trade magazine cyclists and mountain bikers have chosen the Volcanic Eifel as one of the most beautiful and varied cycling regions in Germany. Till today this has provided many insights which the various museums e. TOP Related Posts.


Les avis sur Lieserpfad, Daun








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